Inventory the watches appearing in movies

In the movie , there are often shots of the actor watching the watch, some are the plot needs, some are sponsorship needs, and some are the stars wearing their own favorite watch when acting, which achieve a good story.

Every year in the Hollywood summer blockbuster, you can see the Hamilton watch, from " Interstellar" and "The Martian" in recent years to " Independence Day : Resurgence". These  watches were as professional props and filmmakers don't need to pay! This is because years ago, in the film "The Frogmen", Hamilton worked closely with the props maker, since then, Hamilton provides watches as professional props for filmmakers. Nowadays, it has become a practice.

The 1926 American film of adventure (Le fils du cheik) was the first film to have a watch. Rudolph Valentino,who is brave and tenacious, wore his own Cartier Tank Solo steel watch in the film. His insistence also became the most relished event of the film industry at that time.

In the 1990s, there were not many advertisements embedded in Hollywood movies. Most of the watches you saw in movies were bought by the actor himself. For example, when Stallone starred in "Daylight", he strolled around the streets of Rome when he was free. He saw Panerai Luminor in the window. He bought it and went back to continue filming in the afternoon. This contributed the Panerai's "exposed" in the film. It is said that Stallone thinks that this watch is especially suitable for his tough image, and then ordered a special batch of his own name on the back of the watch.

Not all the movies are rich. When the young Sean Connery first appeared in the "007" series, he wore a Rolex Submariner (No. 6538) watch. This is not the implant of Rolex, nor is it owned by Sean Connery himself. But because of the tight production costs at the time, the producer Cubby Broccoli took it off from his wrist and put it on Sean Connery. Later, 007 was a great success. Bond's name was also well-known. The number one in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Jean-Claude Biver, seized the opportunity to sign the contract between Omega Seamaster and the 007 series , since then Bond have sponsored Omega watches on wrist, and there is also a topic about the watch.

In the film "Le Mans", Steve McQueen chose a TAG Heuer Monaco series, the adrenaline arrogant lens and this watch are impressive, and till today, this watch is still engraved, generations of watch fans are all fascinated by cool look of Steve McQueen wearing the watch.


In the classic film "Glengarry Glen Ross", the story happened in a real estate agency, the company sales were not good, so the boss began totalk to the old staff, so the impetuous opening began with the dialogue, starring Baldwin raised his Rolex watch says: You see this watch? That watch costs more than you car. Since then, Rolex Day-Date has accompanied the classic line "They're sitting out there waiting to give you their money. Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it?

In "Source Code", Jake Gyllenhaal woke up in an unknown body, knowing that he could enter another person's body before explosion, but it was only  8 minutes. Relying on the calculations and reminders of the watch, Jake Gyllenhaal re-collected clues and evidence on the train again and again. This life-saving watch is produced by Victorinox, the full name is the Swiss military 241300 classic timing XLS MT models. In addition to counting down, it is also an alarm. A watch for $1,195 saved Jack Gyllenhaal several times.

Hamilton, the watch brand that has already implanted more than 450 movies, is more familiar than the director in terms of storyline. In the "Interstellar" simply play the father and daughter cards. The father gave the daughter a watch directly before leaving. After adjust the time, he told her two important information messages. "When you are the same age as I am now, I will be back; I will pass you message from the five-dimensional space by the watch." The watch running through the whole story, the implant is not at all awkward. It is said that the watch company also deliberately customized the khaki watch for the daughter of the play, because the director feels that it matches the personality of Murphy's love of adventure.

Dwayne Johnson wears a Panerai in San Andreas. This is already his innumerable image of a tough guy. He has appeared wearing the watch on wrist countless times, so we believe that these watches are his true love. This piece is Panerai Luminor Submersible Amagnetic, adding more black elements, the surface is 47mm, with a hard and durable titanium to create a case, extraordinary resistance to magnetic interference.  Wearing it ,Dawn Johnson Saved his wife and daughter and Los Angeles. In "Fast & Furious 6" he wore a piece of Oris Pro­Di­ver Ti­ta­nium Chro­no­graph 1000m.

Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph watch, worn by Hollywood's late actor Paul Walker in "Fast & Furious 6", was  fascinating and yearning.

In order to make up for the limitations of the internship in "The Devil Wears Prada", Anne Hathaway put on Cartier's TankSolo series watches in the new film "Intern, The", after successfully turning into a female CEO. A Hollywood producer once said that implanting by a woman is the easiest thing to do. It has nothing to do with life and death. It has nothing to do with technical solutions. She just has to wear the watch. The slogan of the film "Intern, The" is "experience is a timeless resume", wearing a watch is also: classic is a timeless match.


Kate Blatchet also wore a Cartier Tank in the classic film "Blue Jasmine" directed by Woody Allen. This watch appeared twice in the entire film, the first time is when she is the most beautiful, and the other is when she know about her husband's affair. Since then, this watch never appeared in the film, perhaps to cater to the plot: the watch was sold with other  jewels to raise money. In the whole film, Kate has no more than ten luxury items, all of which rely on different combinations. For example, this watch has different bracelets to match, but the achievement of the fashion philosophy in this film.