Stepping up and buying your partner a watch is a daunting task to most people, especially when you have no idea what they will get to love. Are you in such a situation? Worry not. Read on this comprehensive guide to have a knowhow on what you need to do.

A Comprehensive Guide to Help you buy the Best Watch for Your Partner

Irrespective of the occasion, a watch is the best thing you can buy. Trends are changing, and people now prefer watches to bracelets as gifts. They are not only the best but also the most impressive thing you can gift your man or queen.

We’ve heard stories where our friends ended up regretting because of buying a particular watch. Well, just like cars, you cannot walk to your next store blindly and purchase without reading reviews, consulting, or first understanding your needs.

Full disclosure, here at MEGALITH WATCH, we have all that you need. We understand your desires, and that is why clients’ satisfaction is our priority. At an affordable price, you will get the best choice for both men and women.

Do they deserve a watch?

You must be decided by now, and the most appropriate answer is YES! Asking yourself this question is very important. It helps you to know the value they deserve and the strategy to assure that your choice is worth the money and effort you put in the search.

Watches are not only the extension of our traits but also an addition that should not miss in your wardrobe. Choosing one shows some care, appreciation, and lots of love. That what couples are all about. Go one and make your purchase  today.


When does your partner require a watch gift?


Different instances call for varying responses. You might be waiting for the right moment to make a purchase, but you are still confused. Worry no more, your frustrations have now been solved. It is apparent that most people will wait for a special undertaking before making an order.


Thinking about the moment is not easy. People are different, and when you understand your partner, you are sure of the move you make. For instance, not everyone will appreciate it when you give them a watch during a sad moment like a death of a loved one. However, to some, it will restore some happiness in their faces. That is why understanding each other is vital.

Highlighted below are some of the occasions that are worth timing and appreciating your love partner.

  •    Whether it is on a birthday.
  •    On an occasional date.
  •    After a promotion or new job.
  •    Special occasion preparation like a wedding and graduation.
  •    An anniversary.
  •    A surprise.
  •    Special days and festivals.


Now that you have already identified the occasion and you are ready for purchase. Your next move should be trying to understand the essentials that help you execute the purchase successfully. Remember, it is not all about you, but your loved one. Read on!

9 Tips to help you buy a Classy Watch for Your Partner

As explained earlier in the introduction section, acquiring a timepiece is not a walk in the park. It is a daunting task, and if not well handled, regrets are likely to haunt you later on when it is already late. Picking a timepiece for someone else is different from making your purchase. During such moments, you are very cautious about their preference, taste, and social status. Our company gives the most exciting and quality watches you must give a try. Consider the following when buying a watch for your partner.

A Comprehensive Guide to Help you buy the Best Watch for Your Partner

Consider their personality and taste.

You need a watch that reflects your man and defines who he is. The same applies to your wife or wife to be. It will be sad if you choose blindly and fail to consider this aspect. Everyone appreciates something that speaks about their style and compliments their look.

You will realize that when presenting the watch to them, the first impression depends on whether the watch complements their personality.

 Do they value modern or antique timepieces?

 Not everyone is an enthusiast of every modern watch that is being manufactured. Although technology is changing pretty fast, there is always a feeling of prestige when you own a fashionable antique watch. This is common in men.

If your partner falls in that category, you will have to spend more bucks and acquire one. Besides we cannot fail to appreciate the modern sophistication because that where the majority prefer.

Know the shape and size.

A Comprehensive Guide to Help you buy the Best Watch for Your Partner

Wrists vary in shapes and sizes. The manufacturers are concrete about this because they want to cater to the needs of every buyer. Keeping in mind that the average size of a watch ranges from 34 -46mm, it is evident that not every timepiece will suit your loved one.

Look at the size of the previous timepiece, and this will help you make a decision. Other than the diameter, consider also the case thickness.

Know their interests.

A Comprehensive Guide to Help you buy the Best Watch for Your Partner

Consider their hobbies and interest before finalizing the purchase. If he or she is an adventurer, a sport lover, an office intellectual or a technology enthusiast, then your choice should reflect what they love. Buying a watch that is water resistance for your spouse who loves swimming will satisfy them fully.

If they are so much into health and fitness, a small watch that monitors their activities is the best surprise, and they will always remember you for that.

Know your budget.

It is a fundamental aspect worth noting. Prices vary for low priced, average to expensive alternatives. The pricing is dependent on the materials used, manufacturing process, and also the type of brand.

Based on your budget, know the right timepiece. Remember that you will have to spend much more if you want luxury. However, if you want quality at an affordable price, look no further, we will sort you.

Understand the watch movements.

Do not buy a timepiece if you have no idea about the movements. Being conversant about the watch movement gives you an understanding of how the watch functions. This helps a lot, especially if you acquire the choice that your spouse is fond of praising always.

If you settle on either mechanical, automatic, or smart watches, make sure you know their merits, factors that make them susceptible and also the maintenance practices. The details will help your partner to maintain it for a lengthy time, and this brings total satisfaction.

Know if it is meant for a particular occasion.

 As discussed earlier, occasions are many, and during that time, you will surprise your spouse, and they will appreciate it. There is nothing good like choosing a watch that matches the particular occasion. When it matches the attire, it gives an impressive feeling.

Keep in mind that you can also acquire a universal wrist watch, making it versatile, and your spouse will be happy to wear it with any attire and at any place they visit.

 Keep in mind the strap style.

A Comprehensive Guide to Help you buy the Best Watch for Your Partner

 Checking on the shape is not enough. You must check on the strap style too. A significant reason as to why you have to consider this factor is because it creates a change in how a watch is worn, and thus creating a sense of change in style and taste.

Not all the watches have this feature, and you will be forced to buy premium straps that will fit perfectly. The variation is wide but the common ones can either be metallic, leather or rubber. Choose what they love, and what will match with their lifestyle.

 Have an awesome model.

 Your favorite human requires something special. That is the only way they will appreciate, keep on remembering you, love you more, and treat you better in return. Our watches will quest your desire to have the best choice. Kindly have a look at them. Feel free to check the variety and pick what you will love.

MEGALITH WATCH gives you an opportunity to buy well designed Quartz chronograph, quality, stainless steel, best colors, and affordable watches for both men and women.


Winding Up

 Now that you know what is expected of you, have confidence and make a bold step further. Also, get to answer the following; are you contented with the choice you make? Are you sure your partner will appreciate it? Then go ahead and place an order from our variety.

Remember that your style should not always resonate on the amount you have in the bank account, especially when you are under a strict budget. That is why we have quality and affordable watches. Buy what you like, and what satisfies your partner without having to break a bank or take a loan.