Art is not achieved with ease; it originates as an outcome of hard-core determination and zeal. Since 2015, watch-making has been an art thriving in the premises of Megalith, evolving and expanding with every next timepiece of ours. At here, we avoid any form of impetuosity while incorporating our resources in the wholesome development of each unit, we retain our originality in our methods to explore the motives to be served by our products.

Paving a path towards being the watch of the present and upcoming generations, we have vested ourselves in building confidence among people for the brand. Megalith is indeed empowered with this trust and confidence, a watch remarkably designed for the men of fantastic grit. We are watch-lovers first, then watch-makers thus we are well aware of the impact and influence a watch delivers in the statement of a person’s presence, this profound ticking sense enables us to keep our products in accordance with the priorities of our customers, meanwhile leading us in the domain of watch creation.

Therefore,five stylish men's watches are listed for voting and appraisal. During the different designed styles, please choose the watch that best suits your image and wins your favor.

Five megalith stylish men's watches were voted

MEGALITH 8051 digital watch

Megalith 8051m men watches with green nylon strap,
Cool look of the luminous & LED display dial
Ideal glittering appearance watch for military lover.


Five megalith stylish men's watches were voted


MEGALITH 8042 rubber watch

Megalith 8042m men watches with three little dial,
Fiber rope combined with metal 
make the watch like boat traveling in the ocean
Durable rubber watch for explore lover.


Five megalith stylish men's watches were voted


MEGALITH 8091 sport watch

Megalith 8091m men watches with moon phase dial,
The combination of gold and black is like breaking.
Precise chronograph watch for sport lover.


Five megalith stylish men's watches were voted

MEGALITH 8041 dragan watch

The 8041M men watch with dragon totem.
 A quartz watch with strong cultural and spiritual symbol.
Be the best watch for the owners of power and valor.


Five megalith stylish men's watches were voted

MEGALITH 8092 Automatic watch

Megalith 8092m men watches with hollow dial,
Moon phase combite with luminous .

Multifunction mechanical watch for technology enthusiasts.




 Endowed with enchanting finesse and eminent work mechanism, MEGALITH WATCH– a delightful timepiece is surpassing the usual grades of functioning, covering your wrist with the layers of courage and leading you to the heights of your time.

MEGALIHT  watch ,with hundreds wearing styles watches including sport, casual, dress,bussiness,is one watch brand that contains personality value. Though the casual observer might think megalith watches are cheap due to  the Japanese movement, they’re one of the most beloved brands in the industry due to reliability ,quality,and life attitude value. Every watch guy should own at least one megalith in his lifetime or the first watch begain his watch career.