At Megalith we don't just sell a watch we sell a lifetime experience, how so? You may ask. This is because a watch is more than something that just tells the time. It's a symbol.

Not just of precision engineering but more importantly of personal attachments and memories. Many times, with the sentimental value outweighing the financial value.

Which is why we don't just make wristwatches, we make you "the watch" to last a lifetime and even more.

However, even the best timepieces in the world can only be passed down from generation to generation, if properly cared for. Taking proper care of your watch is not a difficult task. It comes as second nature especially if the watch has some sentimental value or personal connection.

To ensure a lifetime pleasure and performance of your timepiece, we have put together a simple and easy to understand guide on the proper care and maintenance of wristwatches.


Your watch should be handled with care like any other article of fine jewelry. This, regular cleaning of your wristwatch would ensure the watch retains its look and durability.

With a non-water-resistant watch, use a soft lint-free cloth or a soft brush to clean the band and casing gently. It's important to keep non-water-resistant wristwatches dry to prevent rust.

With water-resistant wristwatches, a mixture of warm water and soap should be used to clean the casing. A soft dry cloth should be used in cleaning leather straps. As water may cause the leather to crack.

Note that, your watch should be serviced regularly every two or three years. So, you can detect any issues early.


If your watch uses a battery, as most quartz watches do, periodical changing of the batteries is necessary depending on the usage and strength of the battery. It's better to replace the battery before it drains. To avoid leaks from the dead battery ruining the inner workings of the wristwatch.


Though it may seem like a no-brainer, it's still worth mentioning. The crystal is the clear cover that protects the watch face could be made from glass or resin compound, mineral or even sapphire.

Though some crystals are scratch-resistant however, they aren't entirely scratchproof. Take due care to prevent against walls or rough surfaces. Damaged crystals should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the watch face.

This is why it is important to keep the box the watch came in. The box is there essentially to keep the watch protected and safe from scratches.


No wristwatch is truly waterproof. Some people aren't aware that there limits to the depths their watch can handle. Watches are resistant to water only at certain levels.

For example, a watch can be water-resistant up to 50 meters. Taking your watch to any depth over that isn't advisable. As the rapid change in pressure may be too much for your watch to handle.

To ensure your watch service you a lifetime it's important to use your watch within the limits of its given water resistance. To prevent corrosion of the watch materials always rinse the watch with fresh water after it has been in saltwater.

With wristwatches that aren't water-resistant, it best to avoid water. Especially, if the strap is made from leather because water weakens the leather. However, it can handle little splashes of water.


In case you're not aware, placing your watch near magnetic materials or things with strong magnetic fields can adversely affect the timekeeping of your watch.

It is best to avoid placing your watch close to things such as cell phones, TV, radios, speakers even refrigerators have strong magnetic fields, can make your watch run erratically.


Extended exposure to sunlight and high temperatures, that is, heat can shorten battery life and sunlight can fade the color of the watch. Extended exposure to sunlight can damage leather straps. It's is wise to avoid placing your watch under direct sunlight.


Keep the wristwatch safely away from chemical products such as cleaning supplies, cosmetics, oils, solvents, cologne, and perfume, because they can damage some parts of the watch.

Perfumes, in particular, can weaken leather straps of the watch and cause it to tear. It is best to let the perfume or cologne dry completely before strapping the watch to your wrist. Also, when cleaning your watch, don't use harsh cleaners. Mild cleaners or soap are better for cleaning.


Never pry open your watch by yourself leave it for the professionals. In the process of opening your watch, you can damage it, or expose it to dust, dirt that can hamper the inner workings of your watch. This is why it is advisable to leave this up to a watchmaker.


If your watch comes with a manual as most luxury watches do, then you should read the manual. Certain things are special to each watch and these tips would most likely be contained within the manual. Most of the aforementioned care and maintenance would be listed in the manual too.

Lastly, a few obvious tips like avoiding dropping your watch, keep it in a cool and dry place (best in a watch box), don't wear your watch while undertaking heavy-duty works and make sure the crown is secured before submerging in water.

So, here's a list of some of the finest and durable wristwatches from Megalith that is guaranteed to give you that lifetime experience and like our motto "Stand Strong".

MEGALITH watch 8043m

The Megalith 8043m men watch is a made of 100% stainless steel sliver strap with a double locking fold-over clasp and a round alloy case, giving it that gorgeous silver finish. The multi-function dial comes in either black and deep blue colors that blend with your everyday look. The watch runs a multi-functional quartz movement enabling features such as calendar and timing. The 8043m is 30m water-resistant with its crystal made of Gerian high hardness mineral glass 
that compliments the beautiful design.

MEGALITH watch  0047m

The Megalith 0047m men watch comes in the colors of black or blue mesh strap and round case. The dial comes in a variety of colors of blue, black, gold and white to give you that fashionable look. The watch runs a clear line of the quartz chronograph watch designed complement each other ideally and guarantees a glittering appearance. The 0047m with its flat sapphire crystal glass is also 30m water-resistant.

MEGALITH watch 8041m

The Megalith 8041m men watch most striking feature is the beautiful dragon craving detailing from the casing and dial down to the rubber straps. This unique timepiece comes in two colors of black and gold and of two types quartz, and mechanical movements. The 8041m is 30m water-resistant with its crystal made of Gerian high hardness mineral glass that complements the attractive design.

MEGALITH watch 0060

Megalith 0060m men watch is an elegant and classic timepiece with leather straps of either black or brown. The round casing is made of stainless steel and dial colors of either blue, black or gold with a luminous function, giving it a timeless look. This watch is designed to handle the activities of daily wear, with features such as calendar and timing. The 8043m is 30m water-resistant, with its crystal made of Gerian high hardness mineral glass that compliments the beautiful design.

So, dear watch enthusiasts looking to maintain their timepiece for that 'lifetime' experience to keep memories alive. The simple guide provided would surely be of immense value to the longevity of your watch.