The smart watch is more and more popular between the young, should I buy one to play?

In recent years, the wind of smart watches has become stronger and stronger. Jakson in the gym looks a little cool when he looks up at his wrist watch. The company’s Mark responded with a smart watch to his girlfriend. Many people started using smart watches.I looked at these and started thinking about whether I need to keep up with them.

A smart watch is a watch with a built-in intelligent system. You can try to monitor your sports data, heart rate, sleep time, or synchronize your phone, email, social applications, music, and more. In other words, smart watches carry the functionality of some smartphones, but are more lightweight and portable.

At first glance, the function is very attractive, so do you want to buy a smart watch?

Before considering this issue, let's take a look at this little test:

1. I have a good budget (I am very rich)

2. I need to respond to work information in time

3. I often run and exercise

4. I want to buy a new watch

5. I want to experience new technology

In this way, what conditions do you meet? If you only meet the first one, then don't think too much about it, hurry and buy it. If you meet several other items, please refer to the first point again.

Let's take a detailed look.

Nowadays, the most popular smart watches are Apple Watch and Huawei Watch, which are adapted to the two major systems Android and WatchOS. WatchOS is the iOS system in the watch industry. It conforms to Apple's consistent attitude and plays with itself. This article takes the latest features and configurations of Apple Watch Series 3 and Huawei Watch 2 pro as an example.

Should I buy a smart watch?



Should I buy a smart watch?

Apple Watch Series 3


 Sufficient budget is important when you want to buy smart watch.

Huawei's smart watches range in price from $250-$700, and Apple Watch's price ranges from $300-$1500. The extreme price is removed. on average, the average price of Huawei is $300 and the average price of apple is $450.

For the prices, you can almost buy a Tissot mechanical watch instead of a stack of electronic components. So if you just want to buy a new watch, it is recommended to buy a traditional quartz watch or mechanical watch.

It is best suitable for sportmen to buy smart watch.

If you love sports and want to monitor your movements from time to time and record your movement data, you can consider it. Smart watches are wearable devices that integrate a large number of sensors to collect and analyze various types of data, such as pedometers, heart rate, and duration of motion. In view of this, the sports scene is the most important direction of the smart watch.

For example, the Apple Watch's built-in GPS records the distance, speed, and route of your outdoor activities. After connecting to the iPhone, you can view more detailed statistics. You can also wirelessly connect your gym equipment with your watch to record speed and calorie consumption. Of course, the requirements for the gym are very high, which makes this feature look very tasteless. If you don’t like sports, don’t think about it. “When you buy a sports watch, you will exercise more.” There is no such thing.

Buy the smart watch when work efficiency is needed.

Another big selling point of smart watches is to improve work efficiency and convenience. In fact, you can watch messages and answer calls through smart watches. For example, when a Huawei watch calls, the screen will display the contact name and avatar, and the right stroke screen can directly hang up the phone. The upper screen can hang up the text message, which is to send the system preset text message content to the other party.

A friend of mine said that this feature is very good. When I was out of the activity, I took the computer or take a camera. At this time, the phone vibrated. I couldn’t take out the phone to see it was a text message or an editor’s order. At this time, if there is a smart phone, it will be easy to handle, and the notice reminds you to look at it. The courier's pickup message will not matter, and the editor's work arrangement will have to reply quickly. So the working friends can consider the usual workflow, work scene, if there are more situations that need to receive instant messages but are not convenient to take out the mobile phone, then let's buy it.

Smart watch have some disadvantages:

In fact, the function of sending and receiving information still has a lot of slots. Sending a message For the small screen of a smart watch, the challenge is a bit big. The typing keyboard can't be placed; the handwriting input is too slow; the voice input looks silly when it is not convenient to use the voice in some scenes.

Some people think that it will involve privacy issues.

If you are on the subway, pulling the ring next to your big brother wearing a smart watch, his girlfriend sent a message, "Dear, come to my house at night." Whether you like it or not, the watch interface is right in front of you, you will see this message before him. The Instant Messaging App is a very personal product that carries too much privacy, but it's easy to show to others in this open way.

Some people think more deeply, they think that smart watches will make the already fast-paced work more tense.

From computers to mobile phones to smart watches, work emails and messages are eroding people's breathing space step by step. When you can only work with a computer, you can take a break on the way to and from work; later, with a mobile phone, how many people respond to customer messages while squeezing the subway; now with a smart watch, the command of the supervisor arrives one second, pushing away the reason for the phone being out of power. It won't work.

Other features of smart watch are slightly ribbed.

Most of the smart watches have the function of listening to music. However, there are too many bugs in practice.

A friend mentioned the drawbacks of sports smart watches. Smart watches are limited by technology and have a poor endurance. The theoretical working time of Huawei watches is one day, and Apple Watch is 18 hours, but the actual use process is often much shorter. Wearing a smart watch for a day, look at the time, occasionally send and receive messages, and rarely call. When going to do sport in the evening, the watch is out of power, which is very difficult for people who adapt to traditional watches.

Apple Watch uses the mobile phone Bluetooth connection to listen to songs, both Bluetooth and music, and the battery consumption is huge. If you use the Apple Watch to listen to songs directly from your mobile phone, you must first pay for Apple Music, and then import the music files to your watch through your mobile phone. This process is very cumbersome.

However, the built-in application market of Huawei watches supports third-party application installation and can store music locally. Then, using Huawei watches with Bluetooth headsets is a relatively ideal state of listening to songs while exercising.

But the problem is still here, the battery limits the play of smart watches. Image that you are just doing two sets of warm-ups. The smart watch you wear is "drop-" automatically shuts down. Can you say that you can feel good?

Finally, to summarize the conditions proposed in the small test:

1. Ample budget

---> Don't say anything: Buy!

2. work needs but have no money

---> Bite the teeth and buy it when get your salary sports but have no money

--->Can consider some sports bracelet watches but have no money

--->Can consider quartz watch or ordinary mechanical watch

5. love technology but have no money

-->Can consider the low-end and mid-end products of smart watches

At the end, smart wearable devices are an area that is in the ascendant. Technology enthusiasts can buy it out of their curiosity about new technologies, and the one who have enough money also can do something to support the new products. R&D companies need the support of consumers to have the power to improve functions and develop new products.