What kind of watch is better for men in their 20s? 

What watch to choose:First from the price point of the men watch.

The man in his early 20s is usually just saying goodbye to school life and entering the job soon. Considering that they first entered the workplace, the income is not very high. Therefore, watches bought by men of this age should not be too expensive, and up to one-fifth of a month's salary is fine.

What watch to choose:Second from the type of watch.

Quartz watch is a quartz vibrator that replaces the balance in the mechanical watch. The watch with its correct high-speed swing is more accurate than the mechanical watch. On time should be important for men , interviews, work, meetings, appointments, etc. Secondly, Quartz watches at the same price as mechanical watches are better than mechanical watches, because if it is a watch of the same grade, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches. What's the most important, quartz watch is relatively convenient to use, does not require regular winding maintenance, etc.

What watch to choose:Third is the watch brand

First watch brand recommended to a man around 20 years old: Casio (the average price of Casio watch is $300)

If you are leaning towards a young and fashionable style, you can choose Casio watches.The three watches in the Casio Men's GAC-100 series incorporate G-SHOCK's signature Toughness personality on the dial design. The small dial uses a metallic text board to express a tough 3D texture through a multi-layered dial structure.

 Casio GAC-100-8A

                         Casio GAC-100-8A

Second watch brand recommended to a man around 20 years old: Tissot (the average price of Tissot watch is $200-$300)

  In appearance, its most tasteful is the "LE LOCLE" series logo of pointers and artistic fonts. Functionally, it has a calendar and waterproof features to meet the needs of everyday wear.

Tissot-Le Locle T41.1.423.33

                          Tissot-Le Locle T41.1.423.33

Third watch brand recommended to a man around 20 years old: Citizen (the average price of Citizen watch is $300-$500)

It is recommended that you choose Citizen's optical kinetic energy watch, which is accurate in travel time. Secondly, it is environmentally friendly and durable. It is not necessary to replace the battery regularly. Citizen has been developing and producing optical kinetic energy watches for a long time.


Citizen-Light Dynamic Energy Series BM6650-53E

Citizen-Light Dynamic Energy Series BM6650-53E

If you haven't thought about buying a luxury brand watch, and buy a good quality watch for less than $100, consider the MEGALITH watch.


MEGALITH 0031M | Quartz Men Watch | Leather Band