Knowing the rules of a watch helps you to stand out. Imagine you in a tuxedo and that black tie that always looks good on you, but a wrong choice of a watch. Well, that might grab the attention of people who will keep wondering how you made such a move. Although not everyone is keen to notice, it is not worth matching your outfit and accessories wrongly. Read on to know the rules of a watch.

There is substantial power in the wristwatch you wear. Just like a belt, a watch is a good expression of your style and personality.  As far as I know, most men don’t prefer wearing many accessories. With just a watch they keep it simple and classy.

Are the Wearing  Rules of Watch Worth?

Well, let’s hope that this is not controversial. You might have the style that you prefer, and reluctant to welcome suggestion from experts. That shouldn’t happen; we learn every day. It is because things keep on changing. Besides, knowing the rules helps you to improve on how you present your style.


For the new watch enthusiasts, keep in mind that watches play various roles other than keeping you up to date. It is the best piece to show your style elegantly. This article highlights the 10 Important Rules of a Watch you must follow. Continue reading.


10 Important Rules of a Watch

A friend once said that “if you understand watch rules, then you will know that watches are like chips”. This kept me wondering what he meant. Until he expounded further by saying he meant you don’t need one watch but many to complement your style. From then on, I have desired to seek details about watch rules. Explained below are the important rules of a watch.


Respect Other people Watches 

Learn to respect other men timepieces, just like you respect their wallet. Watch them from a distance. You don’t have any idea how much a person has invested in a particular watch, and you need not mess them. Most men do not have multiple pieces of jewelry to value, and a watch is among the pieces they keep very close.


If you want to have a look at a friend’s watch, let them know. Ask politely, and they will not deny you that chance. When granted the access, handle it well without exposing the timepiece to hard surfaces. If they deny you a chance, watch from a distance, and don’t be mad about it.


Go for that Right Size

Men watches have varying sizes. You are free to choose what you prefer based on your wrist size. Excessive size to some is a fashion, especially the celebrities and they feel comfortable with them. If you are a person who is always on official duties, then you do not need a big watch.


Choose a watch you are comfortable with, and people around you will not draw negative attention from you. A watch with a diameter around 34 – 50 is ideal. Beyond that, it is considered big, and it might be uncomfortable for you.

Choose the Appropriate Hand

No rule restricts you from wearing your watch in any particular hand. You must have seen people who even wear watches on both hands, crazy it is, right? You need to identify the less active hand and wear the watch right there.


The idea here is to choose a less active hand. If you are active with the right hand, ensure you prefer it and vice versa. It helps to prevent damages, especially when busy and at the same time boost your comfort.


Have a Variety

Even though you have a great love for your watch, and everybody commends you for having a great timepiece, ensure you give it a break. It’s something that you value, and because you don’t wear the same outfit every day, they might not match.


If you want your timepiece to serve you for long, then you need to observe this golden rule. It is for this reason that stores stock multiple watches. Even if you have that expensive watch, you still need more. Try and have a small collection with reputable watches.

Complement Your Colors and Metals

Other than matching the outfit with the watch, trying to match the metals gives great looks. Have a close look at all the colors of your metals and know how you will complement them. For instance, you must be careful about what matches with your belt, rings, shoe buckles, and cufflinks.


Your focus should be on where the color of the watch is conspicuous. Is it the strap, metal or the dial color? Knowing that enables you to look outstanding with a lot of confidence. It will be a good feeling to match your gold strapped watch with golden cufflinks.


Know the right time to use your watch

Just because you love your timepiece passionately, it does not mean you should keep checking it every time. You are likely to check your phone often more than your watch. If you want to be a real gentleman, use your gadget with respect.


For instance, you don’t have to keep checking your phone when you’re talking to someone. It shows disrespect, and they might end up concluding that you are not serious about your topic of discussion. Learn to control how you use your watch in an office meeting, social event or a date.


Wear your watch under the Sleeve

So you just bought an expensive watch, and you want everyone to see it. To some extent, you wear it on the sleeve. Also, some people will always keep their hands high to showcase their watches. Do you need all that hustle? No, it is not worth.


No matter what, do not wear your watch above your sleeve. Yes! People have tried all manner of things to seek attention. Wear it the usual way, and you will be surprised how people recognize it without you having to create unnecessary attention.

Complement your Watch with Particular Outfit

What is it that you like wearing? Whether suits, casuals or sportswear, ensure you pair appropriately. Just like you cannot sit comfortably in a church with beach wear, then it doesn’t add up to wear your suit watch during a swimming excursion. It takes common sense at times.


Your outfit also includes the shoes you wear. In most occasions, the official shoe, sneakers, and boots need varying watches to match. If you wear sneakers, a sports watch is a good choice. Boots and official shoes will do well with a classic watch.


Never Forget a Watch on a Special Occasion

Everyone values a special event. Among the days you forget to wear a watch, make sure it is not on a special occasion. And when you wear it, make sure it matches your outfit and complements your personality based on the theme of that day.


Such occasions may include an interview, giving a public lecture, presentation or when closing a very important deal. Doing that boost your appearance and gives you confidence.


Be keen about the Watch Position

People tend to have various principles when wearing watches. You must have heard stories on which hand is right for men. The most important thing is to wear the watch in a way that you feel comfortable, and the watch is secure. Your watch should always sit on the wrist.


You don’t do this for style. But for overall protection. It doesn’t help if you damage your watch by having it sit below your wrist. The lower position exposes it to rough surfaces, and you do not want that. As you do this, ensure that the watch is not too tight or too loose so that you do not damage your watch.


Final Thoughts

It will not be helpful if you check all those rules above and still forget the main function of your watch. Imagine wearing a classic and luxury watch and still depending on your phone most often to check the time. To some extent, some will even ask those around them. Sounds weird, right?

Although people purchase for varying reasons, never forget that your timepiece is meant to keep you abreast. Thank you for reading guys, check awesome gentlemen watches here.

Hint: You cannot use all those tips in one style. You need to keep changing the outfit and watches to look elegant. Let me hear more views from you on the comments.