Our article has discussed whether the Homage watch is legal and the pros and cons of buying the Homage watch. If you want to know more, you can read this article Should I Buy a Homage Watch.

Here's a summary of the pros and cons of homage watches:


High specifications for the money

Opportunity to try expensive designs for far less money

Less risky than having a luxury watch on your wrist

No wait lists


Unoriginal designs

Poor resale value

Inconsistent QC, customer support & warranties (brand dependent)

Delivery can be sluggish (brand/retailer dependent)

Watch nerds will instantly notice it's not the real thing

If you think you'll enjoy a clone-style homage watch and won't regret wearing it, there are many great value options worth trying.

And If you're interested in the homage watch brands, then here's my selection of the best homage brand under 100.



Megalith is a well -known budget homage brand among YouTube commentators. Megalith Watch is very popular among YouTube reviewers. YouTube reviewer evaluates the various affordable watches provided by Megalith, most of which are copies of the famous design. Megalith has a variety of color inventory watches and even different sizes. They are not only sold on well -known wholesale websites, such as Aliexpress, but no matter which country you can get a watch from their website megalithwatch.com at any time. Of course, Megalith also has some original designs, which may also be worth seeing.

MEGALITH 8388 quartz chronograph watch is the high-quality budget Homage watch recognized by various Seiko PRX Homage watches on YouTube.

The MEGALITH 8388M IS a multifunctional men's watch, 3 bezels visually enhance the sporty style of the dial, the chronograph has 1/10 second, second and minute functions. The special screwed crown and the dial base increase the sporty watch and at the same time increase water resistance. Luminous hands and precise scale make reading clearer and more precise. Between 4 and 5 o'clock, integration of date.

The chronograph watch with excellent quality. The hardness sapphire glass reflects attractive colours under the sun, shiny and transparent, not easy to scratch.

The high-quality stainless steel case shows a solid and refined quality, modern classics. Stainless Steel Thread Texture is extraordinary, and the visual deviation created by the optical principle makes watch thinner.

The watch uses the Japanese movement SEIKO VD57,Provide very accurate time.

10 ATM waterproof structure can prevent sweating and accidental splashing and is suitable for showering or washing the car and swimming.

This best cheap homage watch is below $ 100, just need $82.45, Don't have to spend much time or money to research a designed watch, shop it now.