Does the quartz watch need a battery?

      The answer is yes. The operation of the quartz watch requires a battery to drive.

      The use of quartz crystals on timepieces is a modern invention. The first quartz watch first appeared in 1969. In this year, Seiko of Japan discovered how to make quartz into a tuning fork. The tuning fork will follow a certain regular vibration. When the quartz crystal is affected by the battery power, it will also generate regular vibration.


Quartz watch battery classification

There are five types of watch batteries, which are lithium batteries, silver oxide batteries, silver peroxide batteries, solar cells and mercury oxide batteries.

Each of these five types of batteries has its own advantages and disadvantages. We must choose according to the type of watch when exchanging.


Lithium quartz watch battery:

Metal lithium is used as the negative electrode, which has the characteristics of high voltage (generally 3V), low self-discharge rate and long storage life.

 quartz watch use Li battery
(Megalith 8212 M quartz watch use Li battery)

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Silver oxide quartz watch battery:

The voltage is 1.55V, which is the most commonly used battery in quartz watch. It has high physical density and stability and no environmental pollution.

Silver peroxide quartz watch battery:

Also known as divalent silver quartz watch battery, voltage 1.55V. It has a high capacity but poor voltage stability.

Solar cell for quartz watch:

It converts light energy into electrical energy.

Mercury oxide quartz watch battery:

The voltage is 1.35V. It was the earliest developed watch battery, which has been used less because of environmental pollution.


Therefore, lithium quartz watch battery and silver oxide batteries are the most commonly used watch batteries. 
The Swiss silver oxide quartz watch battery model is 3##, and the Japanese model is usually SR###SW, or SR###W (# represents an Arabic numeral). 

Does the quartz watch need a battery

The number of the lithium quartz watch battery is usually CR or LI.

Does the quartz watch need a battery

Often the voltage of an ordinary dried up quartz watch battery will gradually reduce with the use, and the attention of the silver oxide electric battery will only suddenly drop once the life is over, and this feature has great advantages for making sure the accuracy of the quartz watch. But the problem is that you can't judge whether the battery is fully charged by simply measuring the battery voltage. It is said that there is no quick and non-destructive instrument to do this measurement.

Silver oxide batteries have the difference between high current output and low current output. It is necessary to judge which type of quartz watch battery should be used according to the type of watch. If the watch has an alarm function or a small light, apply a high current. (such as the digital display of the quartz watch) Most quartz watches are low current, the replacement battery must be selected according to the specified model. Just use the same size and casual use, it will cause the watch to work abnormally, the power consumption of the watch's turn-on and noise is thousands of times the power consumption of the watch when it is normal. So to extend battery life, try to reduce the number of lights and alarms. Letters after the battery model: SW for low current output for pointer quartz watches; high current output with W for digital quartz watches with alarm or light.

(Megalith 8051 M digital quartz watches with alarm or light.)

The surface of good quality lithium quartz watch battery is polished very bright, the trademark and letter are clearly marked, and the printed side is printed on the side, indicating the date of manufacture. The fake battery is generally rougher, the mark is blurred, and the use period is extremely short. Watch battery is relatively famous brand: Switzerland has "RENATA" (it is independently packaged in each battery), Japan has Seiko SEIKO, the quality is good, and Chinese "Changzhou".

Good quartz watches must use good quality batteries, and inferior batteries often cause damage to the watch, and it is better to go to a reliable watch repair shop to replace.

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