Quartz watches have a built-in battery. You should know some about the battery when using a quartz watch. It is important for your watch to maintain good working condition and long life.

Battery life is related to two factors: battery capacity and circuit power consumption

1. The capacity of the battery itself, the larger the battery capacity, the smaller the power consumption, the longer the service life.
2. The power consumption of the watch circuit, the current consumption of quartz watches is about 1 microamperes, the battery capacity is about 4 ~ 40 MAH, lithium battery capacity is greater. Generally speaking, the smaller the watch battery is, the smaller the capacity is, and the shorter the service life is. The two-needle watch is more durable than the three-pin or more pointer battery. In any case, the battery must be used for at least one year under normal use. If the watch has frequent battery replacement, consider whether the circuit is faulty.

The following problems may occur in the process of using the watch battery. Normally, it should be maintained to avoid damage to the watch.

     1. Leakage of the battery, climbing alkali and gas rise are common quality problems. The alkaline electrolyte inside the battery (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) will seriously corrode the movement, causing rust damage to the parts, and the circuit will not work. (I have a RADO meter, which is because the battery is rusted after the battery leaks. It took more than 500 yuan to change which dial).

    2. If the watch stops because the battery is dead, or if it is not used for a long time, remove the battery as much as possible to prevent the battery from leaking and rising. According to statistics, more than half of the failures of quartz watches are caused by batteries. Therefore, when your watch needs to be replaced, be sure to choose a good battery.

    3. Quartz watch batteries come in dozens of models with different diameters. Mishandling the battery can cause many problems in the movement, causing unnecessary damage and unnecessary costs, so go to a reliable watch repair shop to replace it.

     4. The silver oxide battery has self-discharge even if it is not used. The humid and high temperature environment will increase the self-discharge of the battery, and the storage should be placed under low temperature and dry conditions. For watches that are not used for a long time, the crown should be pulled out (the two-needle watch does not have to be). When the battery is below 0 °C, the current output of the battery will become very weak, with the lights on and the noise and the digital display window. Quartz watches, these features are affected.

     5. Do not charge or fire the silver oxide battery. Be careful not to cause a short circuit during storage and installation. To avoid being exposed to high temperatures, the watch will accelerate the aging of its waterproof apron at high temperatures, and will lose its waterproof function.

    The above 5 tips can help us make the watch more durable when using a quartz watch, avoide changing battery frequently.

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