Quartz watch battery replacement is a troublesome thing, if you don't know it, you really won't change it. So write an article about the experience of changing the battery of a watch to tell you how to change the battery of a quartz watch, so that everyone does not have to take a detour.

There are four main steps to replacing the battery of a quartz watch:

1.Open the back cover of the quartz watch.

There are many ways to open the watch's back cover, but the screw-on back cover and the pressed back cover are the most. Secondly, the back cover is tightened with a few screws. For pressing the watch back cover, as long as we pass some basic The tool can be opened, and it only needs to be compressed when it is restored, which is the simplest in terms of disassembly.

How to Change the Battery in a Quartz Watch

The universal watch opener can open a variety of watches with different sizes and different watch back covers. Each of its rolling buckles can change the angle, and the distance can be adjusted by adjusting the handle and the adjusting disk. The universal watch opener is equipped with several different shape buckles, which can be selected and changed according to the four convex patterns of the back cover of various watches. 

How to Change the Battery in a Quartz Watch

2.Remove the battery of the quartz watch.

After the back cover is opened, you can directly remove the battery with tweezers (preferably plastic tweezers)

How to Change the Battery in a Quartz Watch

3. Replace the new battery for quartz watch.

Put the prepared battery into the watch in the correct positive and negative directions

How to Change the Battery in a Quartz Watch
4.Then turn the back of the quartz clockwise back to its original position, and adjust the time.


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