Quartz watches are easy to use and stylish. So many people like quartz watches, but quartz watches are powered by batteries. So how often does the battery of the quartz watch change?

The quartz watch has the following characteristics, which indicate that the watch battery needs to be replaced:

When to replace the quartz watch battery

Current quartz watches generally have a battery life indicator.

The three-needle (or second hand) quartz watch may have  a  indicator function of battery life. When the battery capacity is about to run out and the voltage starts to drop, the second hand will stop for 4 seconds, and then jump quickly for 4 seconds. (Early The watch is a two-second pause, and then quickly jumps for a two-second walking state) This function is called EOL (ie BATTERYEND-OF-LIFEINDICATION). If this happens, you must replace the battery in time. During this time, the watch can be shipped for about one week to half a month. (Two-pin quartz watch does not have this function)

The quartz watch has the date of the quartz battery to change on the sticker on the back cover of the watch when it is purchased.

When you buy a watch, you should pay attention to the date of the next battery change indicated on the sticker on the back cover, but the actual battery life will usually be longer.

The quartz watch suddenly appears to be slow or stop.

When the battery power decreases and the capacity is insufficient, the internal resistance of the battery will increase, and the voltage will drop, especially when there is a relatively large current output or the external temperature is low, the watch will stop or suddenly appear to be slow or slow. Stop and go.

The digital display of the quartz watch is dim, and the digital display disappears when there is an alarm.

The digital display of the watch's light-on and alarm functions are particularly power-hungry. If the LCD digital display dims or even disappears when the light is turned on and the alarm, it means that it is time to replace the battery.


The tips above will help you easy to know when you should change you quartz watch battery.

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