We have used quartz watches in our daily lives for centuries. Obviously, their format, style, and design, and even their functionality, have changed over time. Besides their core purpose is the same - telling the time, they have also become an integral part of people's lives as a decorative accessory.

Quartz watches are one of the most commonly used forms of watches. So what exactly is a quartz watch?

what exactly is a quartz watch?

Unlike the mechanical movements that can be seen in some watches, the quartz movements used in quartz watches require batteries, and over time, its energy is depleted and the battery needs to be replaced. This type of watch can be found in most watch brands, from Seiko to Longines. Compared to electronic watches, it is called a traditional type of watch, which is still widely used today.

Tick ​​tock - A Quartz Watch on Your Wrist

Quartz watches usually consist of a mechanism that produces a "tick" movement and moves the second, hour and minute hands simultaneously. The hour hand is shorter than the second hand, and the second hand is the thinnest and longest hand on the dial, which is usually distinguished by red. The dial is often referred to as the "face of the watch". It has numerals or hour markers fixed in the correct order, and the hands point to these markers to indicate the time.

These numbers can take many forms. They can be Arabic or Roman numerals. Also, to make things easier, and sometimes for added creativity, some dials don't have all the hour markers. Some are only marked with 12, 3, 6 and 9 digits. Between these hour markers are minute markers. They are relatively much smaller in size and usually take the form of an index.

Tick ​​tock - A Quartz Watch on Your Wrist

How does it work? ——The working mechanism of a quartz watch

Quartz watches A watch has a quartz mechanism that "ticks" the hands to indicate the time on the dial. Quartz watches are the most accurate and reliable timepieces you can find. How is that? Quartz-based watches have a battery-powered circuit that generates electricity and delivers current to the quartz crystal.

Quartz crystals are piezoelectric, which means that quartz is capable of converting electrical current into mechanical signals and vice versa. Precise and frequent vibrations move the motors and gears and turn the hands on the dial. Since the mechanics of quartz watches require so little power, their batteries also last a long time.

the quartz watch movement

How are quartz watches different from digital watches?

In short, quartz watches usually show the time through the dial and hands, but digital watches use numbers to show the time through LED, LCD or VFD screens. Most digital watches are driven electronically, while quartz watches require a quartz crystal in addition to electronics to convert electrical current into mechanical signals.

Watches have great functionality and efficiency, but they're also a great accessory. Whether it is a man or a woman, wearing a suitable quartz watch will make you look more refined and elegant. If you want your watch to last longer and keep it looking new, you also need to pay more attention to watch maintenance.

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