The following list contains 5 watch brands ranked in a pecking order hierarchy based on their typical price point, quality and exclusivity delineating between Swiss brands, these watch brands that stand out within their respective category.

Ultra Luxury Watches recommend: Bovet

In order to create an excellent watch, Bovet entrusted the design work of the hollow work to the watchmaker – for the sake of technology – and also for the carving craftsman. By integrating technical limitations and aesthetic pursuits, engraving craftsmen can design the shape of the dials and bridges, as well as the Fleurisanne engravings that they subsequently perform on the surface of each component.

Best 5 Ultra Luxury Watches recommend

Ultra Luxury Watches recommend: F.P. Journe

The tourbillon is a complex technique in the F.P. Journe watch, mainly through the rotation of the tourbillon frame to counteract the error caused by gravity on the parts in the escapement of the watch. But today people buy the tourbillon at a price several times more expensive than ordinary watches, not because it is more precise, but because of the super-complex craftsmanship of the tourbillon and the subtle mechanical operation of the beauty.

Best 5 Ultra Luxury Watches recommend

Ultra Luxury Watches recommend: Greubel Forsey

"Greubel Forsey" is a world-leading luxury watch brand with a limited production volume. It is basically a limited edition. "Greubel Forsey" is an amazing creation with the world's original 4 tourbillon technology, which is a great innovation in the watch industry. “Greubel Forsey” has won numerous world awards since its inception in 1999. The “Greubel Forsey” watch is a work of watch. Its world's top technology, the most creative design, and exquisite craftsmanship make the world's watch industry marvel, and the price is amazing.

Best 5 Ultra Luxury Watches recommend


Ultra Luxury Watches recommend: H. Moser & Cie

H. Moser & Cie is also an old Swiss watch brand, but it has not been around for a long time and was only revived in 2002. Therefore, the popularity is low and it is rarely known.The movement is presented in one-half splint, and the fixed installation of the hairspring is a freakish and elegant way of pressing the gooseneck spring to the front of the hairspring. More specifically, it also has a unique and detachable escapement system for easy interchangeable escapement. Moser's power storage display is also very special. There is a circular energy display panel on the back of the watch. It is rare to use the method of moving the disk and moving the pointer to save energy.

Best 5 Ultra Luxury Watches recommend


 Ultra Luxury Watches recommend: Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet is a luxury brand with a clear style, very low output and a long history. Founded by the famous Paris watchmaker La Maison de Louis Moinet, today, its brand designer Les Ateliers Louis Moinet continues to demonstrate the brand's traditional philosophy. As an independent company, he works closely with many independent artists and factories in the Jura and Neuchatel mountains to produce the most advanced watches and to create a certain type of creation. His mission is to further emphasize the brand's long history through firm innovation and witness the creation of new patents related to the distinctive new watch machinery. In this brand's current watch story, the real moonstone is used to make the moon phase disc, and the "Cotes du Jura" decoration that is completely different from the Geneva pattern is the most attractive.

Best 5 Ultra Luxury Watches recommend

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