If there's a duality that reigns among serious men today, it's the balance between refined and rugged. More explicitly stated: they often need to dress for both elegant and sporty, rugged. When it comes to timepieces in those cases, the 8231M quartz men watch with rubber band will serve you well.

With a sporty, less stuffy chronograph design meant to emulate a sports car, the 8231M also has a rubber watchband to match. On top of that, a 3D paint finish on the dial and case does make its features come out more prominently. Overall, the 8231M quartz men watch with rubber band does manage to strike a balance between masculine elegance and ruggedness.

What To Wear with the 8231M Quartz Men Watch with Rubber Band

As it often happens with a watch that rests on a rubber strap, the 8231M goes with causal style predominantly. Both general casual wear and even a bit of very non-serious business casual would be fine with it.

If you are the adventurous type, it can double as a great sportswear watch for, say, cyclism, for example. It's definitely not for business formal or occasion dressing. Since most color variations of the 8231M have darker tones dominating them, it's imperative to match your shirt with it.

The shirt and/or jacket should be subdued enough in brightness to not break with the tone of the watch. A black jacket with a navy-blue shirt would do wonders. Regarding the light green colored strap model, guess what? Olive green in either the shirt or, preferably, the jacket does it.

Feature of the 8231M Quartz Men Watch with Rubber Band

The 8231M quartz men watch with rubber band packs some useful features that boost its day-to-day utility. These features are:

3D Case and Dial Finish

Instantly noticeable at first glance, you can see how the finishing paint on both parts gives it a more prominent look. Thus, allowing it to have a more imposing presence for immediate effect upon onlookers. Combined with its overall aesthetics and sporty design, the watch does strike a balance between rugged and elegant.

Rubber Watchband

Made out of FKM rubber, or fluoroelastomer rubber, or better known simply as synthetic rubber. The 8231M quartz men watch with rubber band offers lots of flexibility along with impressive durability.

The 8231M comes with either a light-colored green or mate black watchband, which is perfect for sportswear. Not only does it deal wonderfully with sweat, but it's also durable under heat, withstanding up to 150 Celsius degrees. Unlike cheap rubber watchbands, this one is flexible, and it can wrap comfortably around your wrist.


The imposing little three dial design inside the main dial is actually a chronograph, a type of watch that adds a stopwatch function. The one lower keeps track of the seconds, the one on the left marks the minutes, and the one on top is for tracking 1/10 of seconds.

The chronographs allow you to measure the frequency any event takes to pass. To start it, you only need to press the top pusher located on top of the watch crown on the right side.

3M Waterproof Resistance

The 8231m quartz men watch with rubber band features a 30m waterproof resistant design which is the same as 3ATM waterproof resistance. What 30m or 3 ATM means is a bit convoluted to explain. Suffice to say; it is not 30 meters underwater. To put it as simple as possible, the watch is capable of withstanding water from day-to-day use.

It is perfectly fine if you wear the watch while washing your hands, walking in the rain or when you are sweating. But that's it. Showering or entering the pool or beach with it it's a big ''no.''

Luminous Effect

The three watch hands in the main dial can actually glow in the dark. That's right; if you ever get up late at night, you won't even have to turn on the lights to find out what time it is.

Also, very useful when you are down in the club, and it's still a bit too dark and naughty, but you are wondering if it is already dawn.


You might notice that between the fifth and fourth hour marker lies one square with a number. That number it's the day of the month, given that you set it right, of course.

In order to do just that, go to the watch crown located on the right side of the watch face. Pull it out with two clicks and turn it. Upwards will make the number count go forward, downwards makes it go back.

Make sure to set it on your current date. This way, now you can find out what day it is when checking for the time. Especially useful if you are the busy forgetful type.

Quartz Movement

Watches of yore were consisted of hundreds of tiny mechanical pieces moving in unison around a mainspring. They were and still are fantastically complex and well-coordinated pieces of machinery that, although precise, required winding.

Not so much with the quartz movement watches like the 8231M quartz men watch with rubber band.

Instead of an intricate arrangement of mechanical pieces, inside the watch case rests an electronic circuit. There, a battery hooks up with a tiny quartz crystal. The battery sends an electric current that reaches the crystal and stimulates it to vibrate.

The frequency at which the quartz crystal vibrates is very precise: around 32768 times each second. So precise that it allows the rest of the circuit to register when one second passes by counting each of those vibrations.

Once it counts 32768 vibrations, that means one second. Thus, it will send one electric pulse to the motor, which will ultimately move the hands of the watch.

The best part of all of it? You won't need to wind a quartz movement watch. Models like the 8231M quartz men watch with rubber band keep themselves wound.

The only upkeep it needs? You will have to replace the battery once every two years, give or take. From winding it every day to taking it up to the watchmaker once every two years? We would take that deal.

Understanding The Chronograph of the 8231m Quartz Men Watch with Rubber Band

Inside the main dial of the watch rest three other little dials with somewhat different designs.

The lower dial has up to the number twelve in its hour markers, and it measures the hours. 12 because there are 24 hours, and it measures up to 12 due to the distinction between AM and PM. The middle dial at the left measures the minutes elapsed, while the one at the top measure the tenths of seconds passed.

When it comes to starting the chronograph, you need to press the pusher at the top for it to start running. Notice that the extra second's hand in the main dial (the one with the ''M'') will start running.

To pause it, press the bottom pusher under the watch crown. Although paused, the watch still keeps track of the time internally. If you were to press the bottom pusher again, the second hand will advance up to the position it would have been had it not stopped.

If you actually would like the chronograph to stop, not pause, press the top pusher while it is running. You will often need to reset your chronograph, which you can do after stopping it by pressing the top pusher once again. Afterward, hands should return to their initial position.

Manually adjusting the Chronograph of the 8231M Quartz Men Watch with Rubber Band

You can also manually adjust each chronograph dial's hands manually with the help of the watch crown, like this:

Take the crown out one click and press the bottom pusher to adjust the minute dial.

Take the crown out two clicks and press the top pusher to adjust the seconds' hand in the main dial.

Take the crown out two clicks and press the bottom pusher to adjust the hands 1/10 seconds' hand.

When you do that, the hand of each dial should get back to its starting position. You can also tap the dial instead of pushing it down to have them advance by one hour mark at the time.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different chronograph designs. Some have hour markers with up to 30 minutes for minutes, and some have up to 24 hours on them. Make sure you go over the specifications of each model of each different watchmaker.

While chronographs might appear to be intimidating at first, it's easy to get a handle on them with these tips. Check it out, take your 8231M quartz men watch with rubber band and start playing with the chronograph.