The Longines Pioneer series originated from the timing equipment that accompanied the pioneers of the times to conquer the sky, land and sea. Pioneers and explorers, including Amelia Earhart, Paul-Emile Victor, Elinor Smith) and Howard Hughes, trusted Longines with all their heart to accompany them on their journey of discovery. Today, the megalith brand learns from these ancient brands, so that more people have the opportunity to appreciate its style, and it also constantly inspires the younger generation to surpass themselves and go endlessly, paying tribute to the pioneers.

Pilot's Watch Design for the megalith 8246M Chronograph

The megalith 8246M combines the classic design elements of a pilot's watch, such as large Arabic numerals to help the pilot read the time clearly, the standard scale of the aviation watch, the typical flange design of the pilot's watch, the large and clear scale, the easy to operate the pilot. Large crowns, etc., integrate these designs and present them in a modern style.

Megalith 8246m Chronograph Watch and Its Flying Pioneers

The large dial of the megalith 8246M chronograph

The large 44mm dial makes the functions of the chronograph more clearly readable, and the chronograph makes the style of the watch more fashionable and sporty, more highlighting the style of men. It is a watch designed for the pioneering spirit of aviators and explorers, while also promoting a new generation of self-challenging spirits.

Subdials of the megalith 8246M Chronograph

Based on the style of the chronograph, megalith redesigned the small dial, changing the 30-minute chronograph on the 3 o'clock chronograph to a 24-hour dial, which is more practical for daily life. The hands of the watch use a large willow-shaped luminous light, which is easy to read whether it is day or night.

The match of megalith 8246M chronograph

This is a leather strap watch available in classic brown and black. This watch also has three distinctive dials: dazzling green, calm blue, or quiet black.

Megalith 8246m Chronograph Watch and Its Flying Pioneers


All in all, the traditional watch industry is already an ancient industry with a history of hundreds of years, and its functions and designs can basically be covered, but we can explore and revisit the ancient watch brands and styles and the stories behind them. , even a small change and innovation can bring new life to those classic design elements, and we will use our extremely low-cost supply chain advantage to create a series of high-end products that look luxurious and expensive but are actually very low-priced. High-quality watches to meet the needs of men's various daily life and work scenarios.