In the recent collective memory of the watch, enthusiasts stainless steel watches are some of the most common images that come to mind when thinking of quiet elegance. And that it's hardly a surprise because watches like the 8264M stainless steel band chronograph watch are definitively discrete yet graceful.

That it's because when one its windows shopping for elegant watches, the most ostentatious designs are the ones sees most promoted. As a result, it's easy for some people to feel very overwhelmed by them. Some of the designs are downright flamboyant.

That it's something that can make a young man just starting to make his way in life and watch enthusiasm to feel intimidated. Luckily, here is the 8264M model to provide the kind of understated elegance a man would need to impress without exaggerating.

What to Wear With the 8264M Stainless Steel Band Chronograph Watch

The 8264M it's a callback to the first models of classic, silvery stainless-steel watches. However, it's perfectly fine for subdued business attire, its less ornamental design suit better as business casual. Or even a bit of a more elaborate casual outfit.

The strap is thin enough, and both the case and watch face make it an easygoing choice for casual wear. Yet, when it comes to color, the main model it's the classic stainless steel silvery finish. Thus, it fits like a glove with dark-colored jackets, black jackets especially but gray it's also workable.

However, there are dark-colored variations of the 8264M. As such, navy blue jackets are best, but black is acceptable but only accompanied by white undershirts. Lastly, the blue with rose gold variation goes well with, unironically, dark blue shaded jackets or even brown ones. In the case of the latter, it does require a blue-colored undershirt to look just fine.

The 8264M Stainless Steel Band Chronograph Watch's Features

Although the design might look understandably simple, you would be wrong to assume the 8264M does not have some tricks up its sleeve. Here are some of the features you can expect from it:


Known more colloquially as those three tinier dials inside the watch face and more formally as a chronograph. The design is far from only being an aesthetic choice but also a massive addition of functionality to watch. To put it simply: a chronograph adds a stopwatch function to the watch.

By using both pusher buttons on top and below the watch crown, you can start the second hand in the main dial. It will measure the seconds once you start it and until you stop it. Thus, allowing you to measure the time and frequency of an event at your leisure with the 8264M stainless steel band chronograph watch.

Stainless Steel Case

Stainless steel is kind of a blessing for the watchmaking industry. It is a malleable enough material to shape into aesthetically pleasing shapes like, say, an elegant watch.

It's also affordable enough both for the watchmaker and for the buyer when compared to precious metals. Finally, did we already tell you that it's a shiny, seamless look it's just great to look at and make for an elegant accessory.

On top of that, stainless steel happens to be rust-resistant, given that you take a second to care for it. Simply with off the sweat or dirt that inevitable might get on the watch every time you put it on.

Use a dry cloth most of the time and a lightly damped one if something dirtier like mud (God forbid!) gets on it. By taking just a couple of seconds to do so, you can make sure your 8264M stainless steel band chronograph watch looks great for years to come. Also, the case is not the only stainless steel thing, however.

Stainless Steel Watchband

To match the case, the watchband of the 8264M stainless steel band chronograph watch is also made of the same material. That its great news when it comes to both the elegance of it and its durability.

See, there's something simply alluring about the seamlessness of properly shaped stainless steel. Its shiny metallic looks run seamlessly like a particularly quiet yet imposing stream of water like a waterfall.

When it comes to its durability, it's just as reliable as with the case it holds tight to your wrist. Simply wiping away the grime and sweat that gets into it when you wear it does wonders to keep it looking great for a long time.

Quartz Movement

The 8264M is quartz-powered. That means that within its case lies an electronic circuit powered by a tiny battery that connects into a tinier quartz crystal. Said crystal, by the way, can generate a pulse capable of powering the movement of the watch with a reliable frequency.

So reliable, in fact, that quartz movement watches need not for you to manually wind them in order to keep them accurate. You only need to go to your local watchmaker to change the internal battery once every two years will keep it running. Alternatively, you can try doing it yourself, don't blame us if anything goes wrong, though.

Waterproof Resistance

One thing that potentially prolongs the amount of time you will enjoy the 8264M stainless steel band chronograph watch is its waterproof-resistant design. Turns out that when the 8264M enters contact with a bit of water, it will not stop working as long as it's not an excessive amount of it.

To be more specific, the 8264M has a 30m (meters) or 3 ATM water resistance design. That means that it will remain up and running when you are wearing it during the following situations:

  • Hand washing.
  • Under the rain.
  • When exposed to your own sweat during regular wearing.

Anything involving more water than that, you better think twice to engage in with the 8264Maround your wrist. Allow us to explain to you why.

Watch Water Resistance Explained

Notice that we used two different measures to describe the water-resistance level of the watch? We said that it was both 30m, which stands for 30 meters, and that it was also 3 ATM water resistance. Yet, why is that?

Here's why: they are basically the same thing, but one (30m) is often the chosen marketing term. A shame, really. Since the 3 ATM label actually does more to communicate how resistant to water a watch is.

See, the 'ATM' in '3 ATM' stands for 'standard atmosphere,' which is an old measure for atmospheric pressure at water level. That pressure is one force all things and people on earth its subject to, the watch included.

Even when we are at sea level, that it's not in the water or underwater, we are subject to 1 ATM.

What You Need To Know About Water Resistance Labels

When exposed to running water or being underwater, the level of pressure is higher and more volatile.

Water moves around, and depending on how fast both the water and you move when in it, the pressure can increase dramatically. That is why the 30m labels can be misleading; 30 m does not actually mean 30 meters underwater.

Far from it, because the pressure at 30 meters underwater varies dramatically due to the water and you moving.

As such, you better check which water-involving activities your watchmaker of choicer recommends you engage with your chosen watch model. Don't rely on what the 30m label initially implies. To help yourself, remember the following rule of thumb for each of the common waterproof labels for watches:

  • 30m or 3 ATM = Can endure handwashing, swimming, and sweat.
  • 50m or 5 ATM = Can endure swimming but not diving, also showering but only with cold water.
  • 100m or 10 ATM = Can endure swimming, most watersports, and shallow diving.
  • 200m or 20 ATM = These are models made for professional divers and can handle the job.

Remember, always check which activities your watchmaker recommends for each model you buy. Don't blindly close to water wearing a recently purchased watch without knowing this information. That way, you won't have to buy a replacement 8264M stainless steel band chronograph watch any time soon.