When it comes to modern timepieces, none draw as many opinions as leather band ones. Yes, they do tend to require you to take a few minutes of upkeep for them. However, the timeless elegance they give off is undeniable. That is also the case for the 8274m leather band chronograph watch whose rugged elegance keeps turning heads.

Meant for fastening to your wrist with a brown, impeccably classy leather watchband, the 827M is casual elegance at its finest. Denim pants or cotton fabrics like khakis or chinos are always great look to pair with this timepiece. Whether for a casual stroll downtown or a non-formal social gathering, the 8274M leather band chronograph watch it's a great choice.

What to Wear with the 8274M Leather Band Chronograph Watch?

For this timepiece, the most casual of outfits would do as well as the most serious business casual attire. The 8274M is one timepiece with a brown leather strap; as such, the belt and shoes of the outfit shall match the material and tone.

Thus, a brown leather belt and shoes are a must, as close to the watchband tone as possible. Overall, this is one watch for easygoing attires, which would be supremely complemented with a tan brown jacket to match.

The 8274M Leather Band Chronograph Watch and Its Features

Aside from the aforementioned leather band, which we will discuss more of in a bit, there's more to the 827M. A lot more. Here are the most salient features of this undeniably elegant casual wear timepiece:

Leather Watchband

The first thing about this timepiece that strikes the eye has to be its aesthetically pleasing brown leather watchband. This material paired with the bright leather color is enough to muster a sense of ruggedness about the owner's style. It evokes a sense of traditional masculine strength of old, which more modern materials have a hard time exuding.

As such, no one would argue that this timepiece does not enhance your presence when worn. Speaking of fashion style specifically: 8274M leather band chronograph watch can never go bad with a white top shirt. It is clear tones like pure white or very light gray that make the bright brown leather pop out the right way.


The second most striking thing about the 8274M is its always imposing chronograph watch face. You might be aware of it if you are a seasoned watch enthusiast, but for those uninitiated, a chronograph is basically a stopwatch.

That's right; you can measure events with precision whenever one of these watches' rests on your wrist. The chronograph watches all have three extra dials encased within the main dial of the watch.

The bottom dial keeps track of the seconds, the left dial of the minutes, and the right one of the hours of the day.

Chronographs also have an extra second hand on the main dial, which will begin to measure time upon activation.

To start the chronograph, by the way, simply push the top pusher bottom right on top of the watch crown. It will cause the second hand to start running. Press the bottom pusher to pause the seconds.

Although paused, the watch internally keeps track of the elapsed time. Hit the bottom pusher again, and the seconds hand will move forward according to the time elapsed. To truly stop the chronograph, not pause it, but to truly stop it, just press the top pusher while it's running.

Lastly, to actually reset the chronograph: first, stop it by pressing the top pusher and then press the bottom pusher.

Just like a stopwatch, a chronograph is ideal for measuring the frequency in which an event occurs. Thus, you can measure heartbeat, lap time, and distance traveled, among other things, with the 8274M leather band chronograph watch.

Calendar Function

Between the fourth and the fifth time marker on the main dial rests a tiny little square with a number on it. That number is the current day of the month, given that you set it correctly, that is.

In order to set the calendar when you need to, simply pull the watch crown two clicks and rotate it. Up advances one day, down sets back on the day. If you tend to be busy enough to forget what day it is, setting it right will now let you know whenever you look at the time.


On the outer dial of the 8274M leather band chronograph watch rest a tachymeter scale etched upon it. It is a tool meant to use in conjunction with the stopwatch function of the chronograph in order to tell time.

As such, when you use the stopwatch to measure the time of an event, the tachymeter can tell you at which speed that even happened.

Specifically, let's say you stop your chronograph at the 20 seconds' mark. Then, the value etched at the tachymeter scale it's the referential speed at which the event happened. In this case, it would be 180 km/h.

However, when using a tachymeter, we must remember exactly which unit we are measuring. For example, if you are measuring the speed at which a runner ran 200 meters, remember that 200 meters is 1/5 of a kilometer. As such, you would need to divide 180 km/h by 5 in order to know the real speed involved.

Waterproof Resistance

If you are worried that washing your hands with it or if a little bit of sweat or rain might do in this timepiece, worry not. The 8274M leather band chronograph watch has a waterproof resistant design.

However, be mindful that said waterproof resistance is only of 30m (meters) or 3 ATM. What that means is that the watch will only withstand exposure to relatively small amounts of water. As such, during the previously mentioned activities the water involved would not be enough to damage the watch.

Understanding Waterproof Resistance

See, there are a few things about water resistance that watch owners would do good to understand. First off, when watchmakers say a watch is 30m (meters) resistant, it's the same as saying it's 3 ATM resistant. ATM is just an older, separate unit of measurement.

Also, even after seeing the '30m water resistance' label, it's best that you check your watchmaker claims. Due to the fact that 30m and 3 ATM are actually marketing terms, the actual water resistance is not 30 meters underwater. It is much less, in fact.

The reason for this is that the 'ATM' in '3 ATM' stands for 'standard atmosphere.' That is a unit that measures atmospheric pressure at sea level. That is a pressure force all things and people on earth are subject to, including you and this watch.

Even when we are on the ground at sea level, we are subject to 1 ATM. That equals already 10 meters out of the 30 meters of water resistance. However, the levels of pressure exerted by falling water and moving water can dramatically change from moment to moment.

That is why a simple stream of water for handwashing can exert close to 3 ATM or the full 30 meters of water resistance on the watch. Thus, the reason why you should not expose a 30m waterproof watch to more water than the recommended by the watchmaker.

For watches that are 30m / 3 ATM underwater, only the previously mentioned handwashing, rain, and sweat are acceptable. Anything involving submerging into a body of water it's already risking it.

As such, it's better to look for which specific water-involving activities this watch can withstand whenever you see a water-resistance claim. That way, you can save yourself the hassle of having to buy a replacement 8274M leather band chronograph watch.

If You Want to Keep a Great Looking Leather Band, Remember…

While leather it's an elegant material, it does require a bit more urgent care in order to keep looking nice. Worry not; it's not something too tedious or time-consuming.

If you happen a leather watchband happens to moist, get a dry cloth and gently wipe off the moisture. Afterward, simply let it dry on its own. Pretty simple, eh?

The same basic procedure would also apply if grime or dirt touched the band. However, in order to prevent permanent staining or scratches to the leather, do this:

  1. Get a dry cloth and wipe away whatever filth got into the watchband.
  2. Get a separate, slightly damped cloth.
  3. Rub the damped cloth on some soap; bath soap is fine.
  4. Use the damped cloth to gently wipe the leather strap on both sides. Do not exert much pressure.
  5. Once removed all the filth, wash off the soap from the cloth you just used.
  6. After washing it, squeeze the excess moisture out of it, so it's back to being a lightly damped cloth sans the soap.
  7. Use your recently damped cloth again to rinse all the soap residue remaining on the leather strap.
  8. Let the leather watch band dry.

That's it; that is all you need to do in order to keep that leather watchband nice and shiny. Not a lot of time investment in order for it to look great.

If you want to take it a step further, purchase a leather conditioner specialized for that tone of brown leather. That way, you can keep your 8274M leather band chronograph watch elegant for years to come.