Among the many watches out there, only a few are enough to withstand the pressures amounts of water can heap upon them. The 8394M solid steel chronograph watch is one such watch. Featuring an impressive 100m (meters) waterproof resistance, this is one elegant timepiece that you can take for a dive.

What To Wear With The 8394M Solid Steel Chronograph Watch?

As the pitch-black dark of the tones denotes, this diver watches its strictly for keenly structured business formal attire. Since the steel watchband is also as black as the case, it's best to use a black belt together with black shoes.

As far as the rest of the outfit, navy blue blazers along with light-colored undershirts do wonders with black watches. As far as occasions go, these are not watches for sportswear or most casual wear.

The 8394M Solid Steel Chronograph Watch and Its Features

The 8394M it's not only waterproof resistant, but it also has some handy features that contribute to both its usefulness and durability. Here are the main ones:

Waterproof Resistance

Distinctively among the more elegant watches of its kind, the 8394M has a high waterproof resistance level. At 100m (meters) resistance, the watch remains good even if you forgot to take it off when going for a swim. Thus, finding yourself surrounded by a little bit of water won't rain your parade when wearing the 8394M solid steel chronograph.


As the name implies, the 8394M solid steel chronograph watch is indeed a chronograph watch. Thus, this very same watch can also double as a stopwatch on top of telling you what time it is.

 A chronograph allows you to measure the frequency of events just like a standalone stopwatch would. Thus, the 8394 M's chronograph can measure distance traveled, laps ran, heart rate, and actually the frequency of any event.

Stainless Steel Case

The watch's movement lies within a stainless-steel case of a body. The material provides a reliably durable body for the timepiece that helps it withstand rough handling. In addition, another key thing about stainless still is that it ranks high in rust resistance.

Wiping away sweat, grime, and dirt that might stick to it is more than enough to keep the rust at bay. Speaking of rust resistance…

Stainless Steel Watchband

On top of having quite the durable case to hold its movements together, the 8394M solid steel chronograph watch has a band to match. A stainless-steel watchband, to be more precise. Aside from aesthetically matching the stainless-steel body of the timepiece.

Likewise, the rust resistance of it makes it so the band will remain all well and good. You only need to remember wiping off any sweat, liquid, or dirt that might find its way there.

Calendar Function

If you are the kind of that mind his own business so much that forgetting what day it is a common occurrence, then good news. Because the 8394M solid steel chronograph watch has a calendar function.

On its watch face on the right lower quarter sits a little square between the 4th and 5th hour marker showcasing a number. That number it's the current day of the month, and the watch crown can help you adjust it. Just pull the crown out by one click and use it to adjust the date.

By taking the time to set it up, you can also remind yourself of what day every time you want to know what time it is.

Glow In the Dark Hands and Markers

A neat convenience of the 8394M solid steel chronograph that stands out is its luminous function. All of the watch hands and each on the hour markers on the watch face can glow in the dark. Thus, the absence of light won't keep the 8394M from telling you what time it is.

Quartz Movement

The 8394M solid steel chronograph watch features a quartz movement powering its clockworks. Rather than requiring manual winding occasionally to remain accurate, the small circuit inside keeps it on time all by itself.

The battery-powered quartz movement can remain accurate for years on end before needing to replace the battery. Thus, it can almost always help you be right on time.

Explaining The 8394M Solid Steel Chronograph Watch's Waterproof Resistance

First of all, when you read or hear about a watch having 100m or 100 meters waterproof resistance, it's the same as it having 10 ATM waterproof resistance. They are just different terms for the same thing.

Thus, saying that the 8394M solid steel chronograph watch has 100m waterproof resistance it's the same as saying it has 10 ATM of the same.

It might appear confusing but just know that ATM is an older unit of measurement that stands for 'standard atmosphere.' ATM measures the atmospheric pressure levels at sea level. We people and every object on the planet are all subject to atmospheric pressure, including watches.

For marketing purposes, the watch industry uses 100m as a measure. However, while easier to understand than 10 ATM, is also a bit inaccurate. The watch will not withstand exactly 100 meters depth underwater and remain functional, not even remotely.

Due to the fact that water is not still, it moves, so does the pressure it subjects us, and the watch changes with every move. Often, rapidly. So, the amount of pressure a watch is truly subject to 100 meters deep into moving water is much higher than 10 ATM.

Understanding What 100m Waterproof Resistant Really Means

To easily illustrate the point, watch wearers that are none the wiser will see any of the 30m, 50m, or 100m waterproof and think:

  • 30m (or 3 ATM) = Resists up to 30 meters deep underwater.
  • 50m (or 5 ATM) = Resists up to 50 meters deep underwater.
  • 100m (or 10 ATM) = Resists up to 100 meters deep underwater.

Yet, that it's not accurate at all, it might seem so, but it isn't.

Generally speaking, it would be much more accurate to, instead of listing depth, describe suitable water-related activities the watch can withstand. So, it's better to understand each waterproof resistance level as:

  • 30m (or 3 ATM) = Handwashing, soaking under the rain.
  • 50m (or 5 ATM) = Showering or soaking in the bathtub.
  • 100m (or 10 ATM) = Swimming.

Always remember to check the claims by your watchmaker of choice regarding this. Save yourself the hassle of having to buy another 8394M solid steel chronograph watch because of admittedly confusing terminology.