Nothing about the design of the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch is by no means a coincidence. The aesthetics presented in this model mean to harken back to the days of classic mechanical watches of yore.

Technology has certainly advanced a lot to the point of offering us models that are comically much more complex upon look. However, the quiet, dignified elegance of the classical design of mechanical watches indisputably remains.

Moreover, beyond the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch's seemingly simplicity belies a set of carefully thought-out features. Features which, by the way, make it a very durable and versatile timepiece on top of its already appealing aesthetics.

Here are quite a number of features that make this watch ideal for the active man of today.

The Almost Scratch-less Sapphire Glass Display

The Durable 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch

While we can assure you right now that, yes, the watch case itself is very durable indeed (more on that later), let's talk a bit about the glass. The sapphire glass display that the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch features specifically.

While the name 'sapphire glass' might sound a bit alien, chances are, you already seen it or even own something that features it.

The sapphire glass screen is a tough-to-scratch kind of synthetic material, which durability makes it a perfect feature for display-based gadgets. Like, the display of your favorite watch, for example.

The material offers so much resistance against scratching on its surface that it's become the go-to glass of choice for Apple watches. And if it's a good enough choice for a smartwatch with a touch screen display, it's more than enough for the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch.

If worry that this elegant timepiece might not handle a little bit of rough play, think again. Few things are capable of scratching a sapphire glass display.

A Glass Display That’s Almost as Tough as a Diamond

While the name 'sapphire' evokes images of precious stones of a shiny blue hue, sapphire glass is completely transparent.

The material is synthetic, resulting from heating grounded aluminum oxide at extremely high temperatures up from 1,980 °C. Scientists also use a very similar process to create synthetic lab-grown diamonds using carbon instead of aluminum oxide.

Diamonds, of course, are extremely hard and uniquely tough to scratch. Being a 10 in the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which measures how resistant its a material to scratching, diamonds sure are tough.

But how hard is sapphire glass in comparison? It's a 9 out of 10. Almost as tough and also conveniently more affordable than synthetic diamonds by comparison. As such, synthetic sapphire might keep your watch case's display as clear as day for a long, long time. Speaking of watch cases...

The Superior Protection of the Stainless Steel Case

The Durable 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch

As a material, stainless steel is in high demand not only for the making of all kinds of devices but especially in the watchmaking industry. The reasons for this are twofold: its resiliently durable, and it looks very, very good.

It would only stand to reason that a case with stainless steel plating, like the one the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch has, looked elegant and its able to withstand a lot of tumbling.

As an interesting note, most people have a hard time distinguishing stainless steel from silver while the former remains comparatively cheaper.

One of the most concerning aspects of owning watches it's that, over time, its metal-alloy deteriorates. Rust, scratches, and constant contact with metal-unfriendly substances can take a toll on its once shiny appearance.

Well, worry not for this one; the stainless steel case of the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch its anticorrosive. Meaning incidental exposure to corrosive chemical agents will have a hard time deteriorating its seamless, silver exterior.

The same applies to rust. Bar prolonged exposure to moisture, grease, or scorching heat, the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch remains bright and shiny.

A Tough, Comfortable Watch belt

The Durable 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch

Due to having a particularly tough case, you can bet that the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch also has an equally durable belt to match. Made of, you guessed it, tough, reliable, stainless steel, the seamlessly silvery watch can withstand as much as the case.

Just like the back case, due to being the part of the watch most in contact with your skin at any given time, it will meet your sweat. And same as with the case, the stainless steel resilience to rust makes it unlikely to deteriorate due to your perspiration.

A significant step-up from leather belts which are the rival alternative to metal belts. The former is quite susceptible to moisture on top of requiring special care every now and then lest they start shriveling and peeling. Not a good look and something metal band users need not worry about since just wiping them clean after they dampen goes a long way.

On the look side of things, the particular belt of the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch makes the most out of its stainless steel composition. Its seamlessly silver composition is enough to stand out on most formal and casual wear.

Meanwhile, its toughness ensures that it can withstand scratches that would otherwise ruin leather straps for good. Not a bad mix to have by any means.

Solid Stainless Steel Case and Band Built to Last

One if not the defining trait about a stainless steel watch that a watch owner quickly learns to appreciate is just how tough they are. For a general comparison, stainless steel is particularly harder than both gold and platinum, two very popular precious metals. But just how hard?

Based on the Vickers scale for determining the hardness of a material, gold and platinum are 140VH and 155VH, respectively. 316L stainless steel, the industry-standard grade of stainless steel in watchmaking, is 155VH when tempered, but it can easily reach 390VH after fully hardening.

Thus, making timepieces like the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch roughly 2.5 times harder than both gold and platinum. More than enough to withstand scratches.

As an aside, stainless steel is very safe for skin contact. The material is unlikely to cause rashes, chaffing, or uncomfortable friction when worn in all but the most sensitive skin types. Moreover, stainless steel is an incredibly convenient material to build the back of the watch case with.

The back of the case it's the part of the watch that arguably has the most contact with the skin besides the belt. Thus, it's the one side of the case most likely to enter contact with sweat whenever you start perspiring when wearing it.

Watches made from less resilient metal alloys might begin to rust if you happen to constantly perspire when wearing them. Over time, putting them on would become not only unsightly but also increasingly uncomfortable.

That it's not a problem at all with stainless steel, which is rust-resistant enough to withstand sweat for quite a while. Just remember to wipe it off clean once you take it off.

Automatic Winding Movement

The Durable 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch

Although we are talking about a mechanical model, the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch it's an automatic mechanical model. That means that, instead of manually requiring you to wind it periodically, it does it all on its own. We cannot overstate the significance this has for your convenience.

If this was a manual mechanical model, you would need to periodically turn the handle in order to wind the mainspring of the watch. However, automatic models feature an oscillating weight mechanism incorporated in the design.

This neat little addition is able to wind the mainspring all on its own through both the effect of gravity and the movement of your wrist while you wear it. As such, the more you wear it, the less you would need to wind it manually. Also, you can avoid wearing it for 48 hours more or less, and most models will still display the time accurately.

You Can Take It for A Dive, it is 10 ATM water resistance

The Durable 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch

The 8391M solid steel mechanical watch technically classifies as a dive watch. These are a set of watches able to continue operating despite the pressure exerted upon it when exposed to water. More specifically, a diver watch must have a water resistance level of 10 ATM or more, roughly equaling 100 meters underwater.

Yet, hold on. Don't just go 100 meters deep into the water wearing this timepiece. When measuring the exact amount of ATM a watch can withstand, be mindful that we are subject to atmospheric pressure just by standing at sea level. Thus, the watch is already under some pressure before it even enters the water.

Moreover, the measurements came to be due to experiments involving still water. This is relevant because the pressure exerted by still water is not the same as that of moving water, not by a long shot.

As such, when diving in and out of a pool, the water is on the move and exerts much more active pressure. Thus, despite not being actually 100 meters deep into a body of moving water, the watch can easily be subject to the same pressure.

With all that in mind, whenever thinking of taking the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch or any other watch for a dive, remember this:

  • At 10 ATM, your watch is able to withstand rain, wearing it while you wash your hands and swimming.
  • At 20 ATM, your watch is able to withstand most watersports, including scuba diving but not deep diving.
  • At 30 ATM and upwards, the watches are suitable for deep diving pressures.

Being able to withstand 10 ATM of pressure, the 8391M solid steel mechanical watch will stand rain and very shallow swimming. When engaging in anything involving more depth than that, better to take it off your wrist.

Why Does The 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch Seemingly Look So Good?


Simplicity, I think it's most fitting to describe it. The 8391M solid steel mechanical watch does a lot with a little in terms of what features the watch offers. Due to the sometimes-overwhelming amount of features that watchmakers are not able to put into their watches, this one stands out for the opposite.

What we have got here is an uncomplicated, simple yet elegantly presented watch face. It does not want to showcase three different time scales; it's contented with barely two. And in a sea filled with so many watches charged sets of different functionalities, wearing this is making a statement.

Beyond even its aforementioned simplicity when it comes to features, the sheer unpretentiousness when it comes to its aesthetic is commendable. There's a reason why the exquisite, ornamental design remains so tasteful: its seamlessness exudes a mature, quiet elegance.

What to Wear with the 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch?

The Durable 8391M Solid Steel Mechanical Watch

The aforementioned are quite exactly the characteristics that make it so great to use with casualwear, sharp casual, or business formal attire. Extra so if the outfit happens to be of a darker color which will immediately make the predominantly silver watch stand out.

We are able to say with confidence that steel watches are perfect for nearly any situation. From formal events like weddings and dinners to weekend meetings and other informal events. It usually blends seamlessly into the outfit, and its presence brings additional sophistication.

But it doesn't mean that you can put on everything, most of all it depends on design and color. Dark metal will go better with formal clothes – black leather shoes and belt, dark or grey suit with a white dress shirt. You can also wear a stainless-steel watch together with a sportive outfit like jeans and a T-shirt.

Light metals are good for informal events: they will go great with lighter colors and fabrics! However, allow us to warn you against putting them together with jeans: they will detract from its look.