Just a few years ago, men’s wristwatches were quite small compared with modern ones. Men used to wear small dial wristwatches ranging between 33 mm to 36 mm until recently when they have turned onto large dial watches. Interestingly, such trends are changing, and men are also preferring the small dial wristwatches. What has led to the drastic change in dial size preference in men? Here are ten reasons why men should consider small dial wristwatches.  

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Men and Watch Dial Sizes 


Most men are intrigued by large dial wristwatches. However, with the change in trend every day, there must be a specific size that they prefer to wear. Recent trends in dial preference are not like a few years ago. Nowadays, any man’s watch between 38mm to 42 mm is considered to be a small dial watch.  


However, there are factors such as the size of the wrist that determine the size of a watch that one should wear, making this size range to be bigger or smaller to the wearer. So, what makes men prefer small dial size watches rather than big ones?  



Popularity Men Watches Collection


Of course, this would be the number one reason behind small dial watch preference. Wearing a small watch feels comfortable since it does not bring a lot of weight on your wrist. A real comfortable watch should disappear on your wrist and use light materials as well. Therefore, a watch with a small diameter would be the best pick since it will sit more even on your wrist.


The best watch to consider for such consideration would be the Megalith 8030. With its 41 mm case diameter, 6 mm case size, and rose golden case color, this watch is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to comfort.




Another exciting factor behind the preference of small dial wrist watches for men is aesthetic. Some watches have a lot of space to fill in, which to some, makes the watches feel to be overwhelmed with the additions. With small watches, you don’t feel empty and the watch features are moderate.


In every small dial watch, manufacturers tend to utilize the space well by considering features that are custom to the needs of the user. Such considerations make the watch appear appealing and straightforward at the same time.


With such a thought in mind, the best watch to consider would be the Megalith 0038M. With a case diameter of 40mm, this watch is a true definition of simplicity and elegance, especially with its glittering golden color.




Any real watch enthusiast would celebrate the ostensibly of any clockwork. There is nothing more intriguing than the craftsmanship in place to ensure that the tiniest of details in a watch has been put together to create a marvelous small dial watch.


Imagine the level of precision in place to ensure that every aspect of the small dial is visible and performs well. It must be of high-quality precision. Large dial watches have a lot of space to add several features since their large space could accommodate them.  


Small Dial Watches are More Refined

Popularity Men Watches Collection


There is a lot of effort that is put to add all the essential features in a small dial watch. A big dial watch, in most instances, is easy to add various features. However, small watches require a lot of planning and working to ensure that the most complex of all features fits in a slim and compacted space.


Just think about how manufacturers have to ensure that the case remains strong to resist water pressure and shock and at the same time, add essential watch features in a small space. Well, that is a cumbersome job, and it would be anyone’s pride to own such a watch.  


In light of that, among the best watches that feels more refined is the Megalith 0073. This watch represents a clear line of quartz chronograph (including the hour, minutes, and seconds), timing, and calendar all in a 41mm case diameter.


Perfect for Standard Wrists 


The average wrist size of a man is 7.25 inches. Usually, a 38 mm to 42 mm watch is the ideal size for such wrist sizes. Therefore, choosing a small dial watch would be the best choice for a standard wrist. This goes hand in hand with a 9mm case width and a 20 mm band size, which fits perfectly on your wrist.


Anytime you are selecting a timepiece, ensure you focus on the dial size. Choosing a large dial with such a small wrist size, if it is not meant for fashion, can be a wrong choice since it does not coincide with the size of the wrist. In most cases, standard wrists appear overwhelmed.


Small Dial Watches can accommodate your Jewelry 


If you love your bracelet, then you need a watch that makes it visible without overwhelming your wrist. Small dial wristwatches do not entirely take over the appearance on the wrist, making it easy to identify a bracelet if you decide to put one on.


With a small dial wrist watch, you are at liberty of picking any bracelet as long as it combines well with the timepiece. Ensure that the bracelet of your choice combines well with the watch in terms of size and color. Otherwise, you might end up making a choice that does not portray the appeal you intend to achieve.


When it comes to combining your jewelry with your watch, the Megalith 2048M would fit well with such consideration. With its 40 mm case diameter, 7 mm case thickness, and its brown leather band, this watch would fit well with any bracelet that you decide on.  


Come in Variety


Of course, watchmakers have learned the secret behind small dial men’s wristwatches and have decided to produce such watches in plenty. Therefore, anyone would have a couple of options to consider depending on the kind of watch that suits best.


You can decide on a watch according to its compatibility with your use, color, design, and material. In that case, no explanation would fit, if one alludes that there are few small dial men wristwatches in the market.  




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As the saying goes, simple is the ultimate sophistication, choosing a small dial wrist watch would agree to that. As much as you would want to draw other people’s attention to your watch, you would like people to notice other things such as your accessories and your suit as well.


It seems inappropriate when your watch draws all the attention, whereas there are other things in your attire that are worth complimenting. Such situations are common, and you do not want that.


If you pick a small dial watch, it would fit such an idea since it does not stand out more than other things in your fashion. Still, the small dial watch would add up to the overall aesthetic appeal despite its size.


If you would want to keep it simple, the Megalith 0047M is the best timepiece for such an idea. With a case diameter of 40mm, case thickness of 8 mm, and a variety of colors to choose from, this watch can fit perfectly with any fashion that you pick and meet the kind of elegance you want to achieve.


Maintains Elegance


There is that sense of elegance that comes along when you have something different from the ordinary. Since there is a general feeling that large dial watches are ideal for men, choosing a smaller dial watch would be something unique to do. Therefore, as you rock with your smaller watch, people might start finding you different from others, especially when you make a good pick.


Blends Well with Fashion


As long as you have made a good watch selection, there are chances that it will stand out in your fashion. The only way to achieve such expectations is by picking a watch that fits well with your clothing. With the variety of small dial, men watch in the market; it is easy to find a watch that matches with most of your clothes and skin tone. After all, most watches have removable bands which you can change according to the fashion of the day. Therefore, you do not have to worry about buying lots of watches to fulfill your fashion needs.  




Everyone has the liberty to pick a watch with any dial size. However, the trend of embracing small watches has revived from the shackles, and watchmakers are downsizing their products to fit this demand. Therefore, there is no need to be left out. You have no reason to stick to approaches that are losing trend nowadays.


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