10 Reasons Why Many Women Prefer Small and Light Watches Collection

Women's preference for small and light watches dates back in history. If you have been curious about women watches, you might have realized that the trend is on the rise, with many preferring small luxury watches that meet their desires. It is one way of showing they love and appreciate who they are. This article highlights the 10 reasons why many women prefer small and light watches collection.

Women Watches Collection

Various watches exist in the stores, and this gives you a chance to choose the right size. Not every woman will wear an oversized and big face watch because they naturally feel it is masculine and unproportioned to their wrist.  Watch manufacturers are now doing all that they can to produce the desired size and weight.


Women and Watch Size

For most women, size matters a lot. So, what size is considered small, mid-size, or large for ladies? Well, a tough question because it depends on your personal choice. Many ladies’ watches range from 28-34mm with the big ‘boyfriend’ watches going beyond the 40mm mark. Under 28mm, 28mm and 30mm will suit you well if you need that small size.

Watch size is a highly contested topic among women due to the varying thoughts that come with the decision you make. Most of the decisions depend on your preference, the norms you adhere to, the existing watch trends and your wrist size. Another factor that influences your decision is whether you need a dress or sport watch.


10 Reasons Why Many women prefer Small and Light Watches


Women Watches Collection

Small and light women watches assures comfort. It is because they will not interfere with your day to day activities. You will not execute all your duties with peace if you have a big watch on your wrist. If you are that person who is always active and want the watch on your wrist, go for small women watches.

Women Watches Collection

Everybody wants a watch that they will not feel awkward with, keeping in mind that you have invested in it. If at one time you feel the watch is too heavy and occupying a greater part of your wrist meant for your matching jewelry, then purchasing it was a poor decision.


An excellent size watch for ladies is the Megalith 8024. The 25mm, water, and a shock-resistant timepiece made of stainless steel and other additional materials make you feel good when going casual or during a fashion mission.


 Small Watches are Symbolic

Having a small but classic watch shows that you value excellent things. These watches symbolize the value for quality and not quantity. You don’t need to have a big watch that attracts everyone close to you. What you need is a timepiece that satisfies you, and people will notice it without you having to create some attention.

Women love valuable and symbolic things, and this is the way to go. The timepieces also symbolize the politeness and down to earth nature of women. Well, it might not be a virtue to every woman out there, but majority portrays them at heart.


Ease of Use

Women Watches Collection

Not everyone likes a complicated watch. The complications depend on the movement's approach or external design. Quartz movements’ watches are common among women because they are easy to operate. A straight forward watch tells time, has an outstanding simple design, and that’s what women value.

Some ladies' watches are more of accessories to match their outfit, and that’s why the majority don’t concentrate on extraordinary features. Such features add complexity to usage. What matters most is the luxury nature, excellent functionality, and good looks.


Creates a Feeling of Femininity and Elegance

Women want to be identified as women who love everything associated with the female gender. They will do everything to embrace attributes that define their feminine nature. Although some are still stuck on ‘boyfriend’ watches, majority will value and respect femininity. Owning a timepiece from small and light watch collection will evidence this aspect.

Femininity is a controversial conversation, and that’s why some people refer to it as toxic. However, you cannot separate femininity and elegance. Women want to remain stylish in everything they do. If your intention for the watch is to express how you value women, then this is the right time to have these watches.


Small and Light Watches Fits Well

Women Watches Collection

If you need to see the value of your money, you need a timepiece that fits you well. Most women are not masculine like men, and their hands are always small. For that reason, the majority choose to have small and light watches. An ideal watch does not occupy a larger part of your wrist because you need to put on other accessories.

Well, it is possible to adjust the strap size or change it to what suits you. However, not everyone wants the watches tampered with. Experts are many out there, and you don’t know who to trust with your new watch. To avoid such instances, go for what fits your wrist to maximize comfort levels.


Sense of Fashion

For many years now, watches have expressed the wearer taste of fashion. Things keep on changing, and some watches that people valued many years ago no longer look stylish. Today’s style depends highly on what’s on the trend. Small and light ladies' watches are trending, and everyone is acquiring one from their next store.  

You feel fashionable when you wear a fitting, stylish and comfortable watch. Ladies' style is not complete without a watch. Whether you are a fashion designer or trying to look good while attending to your routine office tasks, you need the right watch size. Go for it.


Comes in a Variety

Variety gets expressed in various ways. Materials and designs are different just like other watches. The main difference with other watches is the variation in colors. Here, you’ll find all the favorite colors. Whether it is red, blue, or pink, these watches are designed to suit your needs.

This aspect is different from men watches. Well, men will not buy a pink or a red watch, and if they do, then only a few falls in this category. Ladies who love the boyfriend watches do not enjoy much in variety because these watches fail to showcase all that ladies love.



You might think that decorations are only meant for wall clocks.  That’s the wrong reasoning. Current women watches are either decorated at the dials, straps, or the outer case. Manufacturers make several decorations to suit varying needs of the clients. Some watches have the flowery dials with the favorite colors, while others have straps with jewel-like decorations.

Decorations help to boost your looks while matching the outfit. To some, decorations are part of culture, and they cannot do without. This is a rare feature in many watches, and that the reason small and light watches collection comes to your rescue.

Women Watches Collection

The decorative and luxury stainless steel bracelet watch, CIVO 8074C, suits your casual purposes. The purple color gives the wearer a feeling of comfort.

Women Watches Collection

Complements your Jewelry

Among the numerous things, women value, stylish watches, and bracelets top the list. To some extent, ladies set up a wardrobe to keep their many accessories. Every woman owns some wrist jewelry to showcase when out there running some errands. Doing so complements your looks, and you feel polished. Whether it is a diamond bracelet, or your usual wrist bands, accessorizing them with small watches brings out an excellent look.

The reason for choosing small and light watches is that they don’t overcrowd your wrist. That means you’ll have enough space to wear two or more wristbands. This does not, in any way, make you uncomfortable. With a big watch, people will not even notice your bracelets because the focus is on the big timepiece.


Good for Occasions

Generally, all watches are meant to outstand in a particular event. In every event, the nature of the watch you wear varies. Ladies value occasions, and they will do all they can to ensure they wear an appropriate watch that day. Well, that does not mean you need to wait for an occasion to wear a good watch. You don’t need that excuse.

Also, events specifically meant for women require a feminine look. Thus, small watches play a significant role. If you feel any watch makes you comfortable, go for it. It is a personal decision, and it doesn’t help if you wear a watch that gives boredom.


Final Point of View

Women of the current generation know what they want, value innovations, and they will do everything to ensure they achieve it. That’s why fashion trends are changing fast. They are not afraid of what people say about them being feminine. All this is evident from the small and light watches they wear every day. Check out the variety of these watches from the Megalith women collection for amazing deals.