You might be wondering why nylon band watches are gaining preference at a high rate. Well, any fine watch has features that define its uniqueness. Nylon band wristwatches have, for many years, maintained the touch of elegance, and you will love their looks. Other than telling time, a watch defines your personality, and you cannot go wrong with a nylon strap watch.

Nylon  Men Watches Collection


Watchmakers prefer nylon bands not only because of the impression but the multiple benefits that come along. If you have owned a nylon band watch before, you will agree with me that it allows you to be hyperactive without having to worry much about your watch being damaged on exposure to harsh conditions. It is among the materials that give you a worth experience and value for your money. Let’s now focus on why you need nylon band wristwatches for men.


A Concise History of Nylon Band Wristwatches

Nylon band wristwatches have a strong history and have existed for many years. In 1973, the British Ministry of Defense introduced the NATO watch straps, and every soldier was required to own one. Previously, the soldiers used leather strap watches, but their nature of work required a different material that will withstand extreme conditions.

Turning to these straps come with multiple benefits, and the military all over the world up to date, prefer the nylon strap watches. NATO straps as part of nylon straps are very specific, and they meet the required criteria. In most cases, the NATO-style favors every watch enthusiast who needs something that has a rich history and still serves their intended purpose. The recognition of the NATO straps is closely associated with military practitioners, who were the first people to use them.


The Main Types of Nylon Band Straps

Nylon tends to be a broad name that includes various choices like NATO, Perlon and Zulu straps. All three straps are worth choosing and it depends on what you want. They constitute of similar material but different texture and style. Zulu and NATO are smoother than Perlon. Some have solid colors while others are mixed up.

All these straps are ideal for your watch. Whether you are making a purchase of a watch with either strap or doing a replacement, the choices are worth your money. It all depends on your taste and preference. The most common are the NATO straps.


Reasons Why You Need Nylon Band Wristwatches

Classic Appeal

If you are a watch enthusiast who values a classic look, then you need a timepiece with a nylon band. As explained in the history section above, nylon band wristwatches have been there for years, and owning one is a way to appreciate the military vintage look.

Men who want a traditional feel while enjoying the advanced watch will opt for these watches. Watchmakers make sure that they include the nylon straps in the various collection to satisfy the buyer’s desire. It feels good to own a watch with vintage characteristics. In case you choose the NATO strap, you enjoy the classic appeal.


Very Comfortable

Nylon  Men Watches Collection

Your watch comfort should be a priority when making a purchase. Nylon bands are easy on the wrist, and you can keep the watch firm without feeling uneasy on your hand. If you feel that your current watch is not held appropriately on your wrist, then you need to consider settling on nylon bands.

Comfort also arises because of the materials used in making the straps. You should not compromise on comfort if you want to enjoy the timepiece fully. Many prefer the NATO straps because they have nylon fabric that is attached to additional materials making the watch very comfortable.


Guaranteed Durability

Nylon is a very strong material, and that explains why the military preferred it in their watches. It servers for long without being easily damaged. Sometimes, you get exposed to some conditions that predispose your watch. If not cautious, the straps get damaged. That is not the case with nylon straps because they resist damage.

Whether you are wearing it over the scuba suit or a ski jacket, you should not worry about whether the straps will survive the entire undertaking. The nylon band watches are ideal for outdoor activities because of their durable nature.


Available in Multiple Styles

Nylon bands are available in multiple styles, and this brings about variation in the various watches. When selecting the right choice, you will notice that they are available in solid tuned hues or combination. If you have to go for the combination, the straps are either stripped or on prints.

Variation in styles brings about a fashionable approach because the wearer can choose what fits their attire at a particular moment. Although being keen on the decision you make is key, any nylon band wristwatch you settle on will have a positive impact, and you will love the look of your watch.


Simple yet Practical

Nylon  Men Watches Collection

The usability of a watch is defined by how practical it is. Practicality on both the watch functions and the external appearance. Nylon straps have nothing complicated compared to metal bracelets and leather which most seem to have some additions to boost the style and appearance.

Many people nowadays value simplicity lather than complexity because it eases how they use the watch. Besides, it helps avoid unnecessary attraction on your wrist. Well, that does not mean you don’t need a complex watch. It all depends on your personal preferences.


Affordable Prices

It will not cost you much to own a nylon band wristwatch. Most watches, based on the brand, have affordable prices with features that excite you. Every buyer wants to enjoy more while spending less. This is not always possible unless you know where to buy the watch.

If you have been searching without valid results, look no further. Acquiring a nylon strap watch from our Megalith store will cost you less than $100. That’s a fair price considering that you enjoy the luxury that comes along with the timepiece.


Very Breathable

It feels bad to wear a watch only to notice that sweat accumulates on your wrist. It happens when your watch band does not have a high breathing ability. Not everyone will be concerned about that, but if you are very active, you will feel uncomfortable.

Nylon bands have spaces between them, and this allows air to get in freely. The ability to breath ensure your skin remains calm. Even on a sweaty day, you will rarely feel uncomfortable on the wrist. Besides, you know that your watch will not stick dirt easily.


Flexible and Easy on your Wrist

Many people want a watch that they can firmly fit on their wrist. While most watches will fit with ease, choosing those with nylon straps guarantees a very firm attachment. You can adjust freely without fear of damage. Nylon straps do not leave a space on your wrist, allowing the safety of your watch.

If you’ve ever used a poorly flexible strap, you will agree that good flexibility makes the nylon strap timepieces perfect for outdoor activities. It is because you are sure that it will not be destruction whether you are on an adventure or attending an outdoor party.


Easy to Clean

A nylon watch band is very easy to clean. Nobody wants to stay with a dirty watch, and cleaning is key. However, you need to know the right approach to use failure to which you will harm your watch. When cleaning a nylon band, wet it with a few drops of water that contains a laundry detergent and scrub it gently with a toothbrush.

When done, allow it to dry, and it will be as tidy as a new one. Don’t be worried about the strap fading easily when you clean. High-quality nylon rarely fades when washed or in extreme weather. However, cleaning should be on a scheduled basis and not often.


Nylon Bands Watches in the Men Megalith Watch Collection


MEGALITH 8051M Quartz Men Watch

Nylon  Men Watches Collection

The MEGALITH 8051M Quartz Men Watch constitutes of a round case. You will love its green nylon strap since it matches well with the entire parts of the watch. The 45mm watch with a case thickness of 15mm is a true definition of a luxury quartz-digital watch. It has multiple functions that make it your right choice. With a black dial, it maintains a glittering appearance that every user will fall in love with.


MEGALITH 0031M Quartz Men Watch

Nylon  Men Watches Collection

MEGALITH 0031M Quartz Men Watch is a nylon strap watch that comes with many complement features. A close look at the watch will evidence the handsome aesthetic that the watchmaker has prioritized on. Just like the MEGALITH 8051M, MEGALITH 0031M has a 45mm case; it is an analog-digital watch, the case is black and its water resistance is at 3ATM. This timepiece guarantees day, date and seconds function.



Nylon band watches have come a long way. From the days of use in the British Military up to today. They have remained favorite choices to many. The selection depends on the many benefits listed above. With every watchmaker considering the nylon straps, you can be sure that their popularity will continue to advance. Don’t be left out with this trend. Pick a Nylon band wristwatch from our store today.