Black watches and fashion are two inseparable things. If you love watches, you probably have received a lot of compliments when you wear your favorite design with your preferred suit. Black watches usually rocks well with any wear that one decides to choose. That's why it is an ideal option for most people who puts watches as an essential part of their fashion.

Black men Watches Collection


There are quite a lot of brands out there. However, Megalith's watch collection stands out of every choice in the market and offers a variety of options to choose. Besides that, other features make their watches a thing to behold. For instance, the size of the watch diameter and thickness are critical aspects in the appearance of any timepiece. Also, the color of the band and the material have a significant impact on the aesthetic appeal that the watch has to achieve. In this article, you will learn more about the best black watches in fashion from the Megalith stores.


Psychology View on Black Color

The black color is common in fashion and advertisement. In color psychology, black symbolizes power, elegance, mystery, and sophistication. It is no doubt that most fashion retailers have adopted black as their logos and in creating their brands. Black also ensures excellent appeal since it is noticeable at bright backgrounds and blends well with black skin tone as well.

For that reason, Megalith watch collections have a variety of black watches that watch lovers can pick from. Their watches offer a blend of class and exquisite appearance to their wearers. As a love enthusiast, you would not miss finding a couple of timepieces that will catch your attention.  


Black Watches and Personality Traits

As a watch lover, the kind of watch that you wear has a significant impact on your personality. There is an excellent relationship between the type of watch that one decides to pick and the impression of personality that one has as well. Black watches speak more of a sense of style to their wearer. Megalith black watches are premier choices for anyone who loves to establish a strong personality to people around him or her. The impact that Megalith watches have on any wrist is beyond the timekeeping ability and portrays the masculine and feminine style that everyone intends to achieve.


8 Reasons Why Black Watches are Worth Wearing

For anyone who loves black watches, there must be a reason why he or she prefers such watches. In most cases, watch enthusiasts get attracted to black watches due to the level of clarity they have to offer when blended with blue, white dials or other bright colors. Black offers an excellent combination of various skin tones, making them ideal choices for multiple people. Here are a couple of reasons why black watches are worth wearing.


Black Watches Have Been There for Centuries- never goes out of style

Over time, different watch brands have adopted black watches as part of their trademark. Most watch companies have adopted a combination of black dials and silver casing, which has been a common thing in the market. Such choices have made a significant impact in the watch industry and has made a lot of sales over time.


Up to date, watch manufacturers have been adopting a combination of black and other shades and have never gotten weary of such consideration.


Black Matches Will with Everything

Undoubtedly, black can match with any other color, whether in a watch or combined with the sort of clothes that one decides to wear. As a matter of fact, black is the most comfortable choice that any fashion enthusiast would consider when there are few options at disposal. However, the best combination that one can pick is black and bright attires. All the same, it is recommendable to check whether your color combination meets the aesthetics that you want to achieve before you make your final decision.


Black hides those Pretty Marks

If at any point your watch gets few marks, they might disturb you a lot. That should not worry you if you have a black watch. It is the best fit on such an instance because it hides any mark them. It does not necessarily have to be an all-black watch, but a combination of silver and other colors will still hide the petty marks.  In such instances, the attention of any onlooker is not on the marks but the unique black combination. Therefore, if you want to avoid all that, choosing a black watch would be the perfect fit for the condition.


Black Watches are Fashionable

Of course, wearing black watches is a fashionable idea. The whole idea behind choosing a watch is to establish a sense of class and excellence, which works best with black watches. Also, since black can combine with any clad, you do not have to worry about changing your wardrobe to ensure that your black timepiece collection matches your attire.


Every Skin Tone Loves Black

Whether you have a dark, chocolate, or a light skin tone, a black timepiece would be the perfect choice that you can make. Black is usually an ideal choice for various skin tones due to its dark tone, which is outstanding in a light skin tone and blends well with a darker skin tone. Therefore, if you were wondering which type of watch is ideal for your skin tone, do not hesitate to pick a black watch since it would be the best choice you could ever make.


A Feeling of Power

There is a sense of masculinity and femininity associated with wearing a high-end watch. However, such a feeling gets perfected when you pick a black watch due to the level of elegance that it portrays on the owner. People tend to respect you based on your clothing, and adding a black watch to your fashion would make you feel more respectable as compared to any watch that you pick.  


You Can Wear Any Accessory with Black Watches

It is common for women to wear other accessories apart from a wristwatch. If one fails to strike a balance between the accessories and the kind of watch at hand, it would be hard to achieve the intended appeal. Even so, having a black watch would add much beauty to the wearer since it can combine with any accessory despite their color.


Black has no Season: You Can wear it Everyday

Every watch lover has a particular watch that is meant for a specific period. Such choices are intended to associate the watch with the specific season. However, with black watches, you do not have to worry about the season since it can go with any seasons. Also, since black conceals any scratches, any wearer does not worry about any scratches that the watch might have acquired over time.


MEGALITH Black Watches Collection

Megalith watch collection has a variety of black timepieces that every watch lover would adorn.  Here are a few examples of Megalith black watches collection.

Megalith 8206M

Black men Watches Collection

The Megalith 8206M  offers a pure and clear line of a quartz movement watch that complements any wearer. The watch boasts of 3ATM waterproofness, a 45mm case diameter, and an 8mm case thickness. Also, its flat sapphire crystal offers clarity of the black dial and a combination of black and golden hands.


Megalith 8204M

Black men Watches Collection

If you are a true admirer of pure class and a combination of black, the Megalith 8204  is the best pick that you can make. This watch offers an automatic -self-winding movement, a case diameter of 41mm, and a case size of 11mm. It also boasts of 3ATM waterproof ability and a black stainless strap.  On top of it all, its golden escarpment background on the dial is something to behold.


Megalith 8083M

Black men Watches Collection

The Megalith 8083 is the perfect option for those who love a glittering appearance. With a case diameter of 46mm and a thickness of 10mm, this watch stands out to be the best choice for any watch enthusiast. Its brown leather also brings the perfect combination of a black casing and a skin tone that offers the best appearance to its wearer.


Megalith 8086M

Black men Watches Collection

With the pure leather straps, the Megalith 8086 offers a fascinating blend of color that attracts any onlooker. Besides that, this watch provides a case diameter of 45mm, which is the best fit for any wrist. Finally, its 3ATM waterproof capability is something that anyone would love for his or her watch.



Every watch lover expects to own a watch that has the perfect match with his or her fashion and skin tone. With black watches, it is possible to achieve such expectations due to the level of versatility they have to offer. Therefore, as you plan to buy your next timepiece, do not hesitate to pick a black Megalith watch if you want to be forever grateful for your choice.