Every watch enthusiast can agree that there is a sense of pride that results from wearing a unique design watch. There are a lot of considerations that watch enthusiasts look for when defining whether a particular watch is a special design watch. Some of the factors that every watch lover must consider are the brand, movement, appearance of the dial, its make material, and market review, to mention a few. Megalith men watch collection has some of the most exceptional special design watches that are worth buying.

Megalith Men Watch Collection

With the distinct blue dial and stainless steel hour marks and casing, Megalith watches are a true definition of exclusive design watches. Anyone watch buyer would fall in love with these watches based on their appearance and functionality. Readout this article to learn more about this exquisite watch brand.


What is a special design watch?

There are a lot of aspects that define a special designed watch. However, the baseline of any special design watch is the distinctive appearance and complication that makes it outstanding compared with other timepieces in the market. All the same, you can define such a watch by considering its movement, whether it is water-resistant or not, having a scratch-resistant sapphire, ability to show different time zone and so on.

One of the most notable aspects of designer watches is tourbillion escarpment. This sort of escarpment offers a natural gravity-fighting effect and maintains accuracy compared with traditional escarpment.


Men and Special Watch Designs

Over time, you will realize that there is much association between notable design watches and many men in society. Men feel special when they wear something special. Besides that, there is a level of confidence that a special design watch brings to its wearer. Imagine wearing a watch that you are sure everybody wants to have it. The attention you get is overwhelming. Is that something not to be proud of? Of course, any man would be proud of wearing a unique watch, no matter the price.

Another reason why men get attracted to exclusive special watches is the romantic connection that they bring. Some romantic theories explain that the kind of watch that a man has defines the level of romance that a man can achieve. Well, any lady would like to associate with a romantic man, which on the other hand, makes special design watches as the number one timepiece for most men.


8 Reasons Why you Need Special Design Watches

A true watch lover will not feel like it’s wastage of money to buy a special design watch. That means that there should be a reason behind such a decision. Here are eight reasons why you should buy special design watches.


Design Watches Are a Thing of Beauty

Of course, by the fact that it is a special design watch, it is something that everyone would notice from its wearer’s wrist. Any watch can tell time, but the shimmering dial, exposed crown, and the intricate complications of your Megalith design watch would be something to reckon with. They are also a good fit when finding the best timepiece to match with your luxury suit.


It Reminds You of Your Level of Success

You probably found it worth rewarding yourself with a special design watch after a series of successes in your profession. Therefore, anytime you glance at the watch, it reminds you of the achievements you had in your career and put more effort into your current affairs. Your watch does not stand to be a thing to tell time but a constant reminder of the kind of success you can achieve through your efforts.


Design Watches Improves Your Confidence

Have you ever felt that people are looking down on you? Of course, this is a common phenomenon that most people undergo in their lives. However, with a special design watch on your wrist, you probably would feel confident of yourself, especially when everyone around you is in admiration of your watch. It might seem to be a small gesture, but it can encourage you significantly when you are feeling lowly.


Your Design Watch will remind you of a Special Occasion

Maybe it is your wedding, birth of your child, your birthday, or any other achievement in your life. Having a design timepiece as your gift during such occasions can go a long way in establishing your special occasion in your life. On most occasions, you will find special design watches being passed on from one generation to the other. This shows the level of value that most people put into such assets.


Can Be a Suitable Investment

Watches in the Megalith Men’s collection hold their value well. It can be sensitive to make something that you adore so much, such as a watch to be part of your investment. However, if you are smart enough, it can be a lucrative venture to grab. For instance, if you happen to own a nice watch that is hard to find in the market, there are high chances of selling it at a higher price.


It is quite painful to sell your most valued asset, but making a good investment is not entirely wrong, after all.


People Will Treat You Seriously

An exclusive design watch is a symbol of success, social status, and prestige. Therefore, anytime you have your watch on your wrist, people around you will start treating you differently. Often, anyone wearing a watch on his or her wrist is subconscious of its presence. However, there is a lot of impacts on the people around them.


Having a watch on your wrist is also a sign of punctuality and seriousness and people would consider you as a serious person in your field of practice. Of course, the watch will endow knowledge and competence of skills to its wearer, but having a special Megalith watch will establish you in your workplace.


Special Design Watches Have a Craftsmanship to Admire

The aesthetics of any special design watch is something that you cannot tire when admiring. There is the balance wheel, escarpment, gear train, a shiny bezel, to name a few components which work in perfection to achieve a remarkable aesthetic appeal.


Yes, the simple quartz movement of a cheap design watch will keep your time, but there is no fun in the craftsmanship that such a watch has to offer. A special design Megalith Men’s watch is something to behold based on the complexity of its work.


It is Satisfying to Own a Special Edition Watch

The watch industry has a lot of incredible timepieces that one can choose. As much as there are a lot of choices at disposal, there are particular facets that makes one decide on a specific type of watch. Maybe it is the complexity, the color, the size, or the style that gives the clue of who you are. Perhaps wearing a particular design watch makes you feel up on the social ladder or associated with a specific sport that the watch represents. All these show how a watch can guarantee satisfaction to its owner and makes it part of who they are.


Megalith Special Design Men Watch Collection

Megalith men’s watch collection has a variety of watches at their disposal. However, there are specific watches that fall within their special design men watch collection. The timepieces are as follows:


Megalith 8206M Quartz Men Watch Stainless Steel Band

Megalith Men Watch Collection

With a Case diameter of 45mm, the Megalith 8206M Quartz Men Watch  offers the best experience to its wearer. Besides that, its golden case color, blue dial color, and silver and golden strap are features that watch enthusiasts would love to have.


Megalith 8204 Mechanical Men Watch Stainless Band

Megalith Men Watch Collection

The Megalith 8240 Men Watch  guarantees a clear design of the mechanical watch that has the design that complements any watch lover. With a case diameter of 41mm and 11mm case thickness, this watch is a real example of quality and excellence in watch craftsmanship. The watch also presents a black dial with a golden escarpment in the background as well as a black stainless steel band that matches any skin tone.


 Megalith 8086M Quartz Men Watch Leather Band

Megalith Men Watch Collection

If you love a combination of class and exemplary appearance, then the Megalith 8086M men watch is the best choice you can get. This timepiece represents a mixture of gold case colors and a leather band that matches the dial color.


Megalith 8205M Mechanical Men Watch Stainless Steel Band

Megalith Men Watch Collection

The golden and stainless steel band of the Megalith 8205M makes it a cool choice that anyone would fall in love with. Also, its blue dial with a golden escarpment adds on to the level of beauty that the watch has to offer. On top of it all, buyers have the liberty of choosing between golden, silver, black, and black dials.



Owning one of the Megalith special design watches is the way to go. If you have the desire to own one, you will have made the best choice. After all, Megalith has ensured that their watches maintain a remarkable appearance and quality and sell at an affordable price. With that, you cannot give any excuse of getting yourself special design watches that match your expectations.


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