Rubber band wristwatches for men have, for many years now attracted many watch lovers. While materials for watchmaking are many out there, rubber, leather, and metals have received priority among watchmakers. Rubber seems to fit everyone, and its popularity is with no doubt. Among the best watches for sale in the Megalith men watches collection, you cannot miss out the rubber band wristwatches.

Rubber Men Watches Collection

If you have previously owned a watch with a rubber band strap or case, you will all agree with me that their uniqueness is top-notch. These are timepieces that complement your style and showcases your personality in a positive approach. However, all this depends on the decision you make because there are multiple types out there.


History of Rubber Band Wristwatches

Research reveals that the first time watchmakers used rubber was in the 1960s. During that time, the Swiss companies were on the verge of exploiting several materials that can fit in the various watches. Diving watches adopted them because of their capability to resist soaking in water compared to other bracelets. After that, rubber became a choice in many watchmaking companies.

Nowadays, any unique sports or dive watch manufacturer includes rubber in the high-end watches they manufacture. Although, in most cases rubber is used to make straps, there has been notable instances where watchmakers use it on the cases. Rubber is not just an ordinary material; it is all that you need to stand out.


Rubber Band Wristwatches Variation

You might have noticed that there are varying types of rubber. The main classification is natural and synthetic rubber. Traditionally, natural rubber straps performed well but not to excellent levels as majority expected. For that reason, much research has been done on the subject to exploit more on what rubber has to offer. As of now, it is evident that the performance of rubber is not all about the type, but the modifications made.

Synthetic rubbers continue to get preference because they involve chemicals that showcase particular characteristics that customers want to see in their watches. For instance, silicone and PVC rubber tend to be durable and diverse. PVC being thermoplastic and very durable, has been used in high end watches for many decades now.


8 Reasons why you need Rubber Band Wristwatches for Men

Whether it is your first time to buy a rubber band wristwatch or not, being confused is an obvious thing. Sometimes, it happens because you have scanty information on the benefits that come along. For better understanding, here are 8 reasons why you need rubber band wristwatches for men.



A watch with waterproof materials is worth buying. The waterproof ability should be both on the straps and the case region. In either way, rubber resists water. It is because of the rubber chemical composition. The polymers allow it not to take any water, even when submerged. If you planning to buy one, do not hesitate.

The benefit of being waterproof is that you’ll not have to worry about the lifespan of your watch. Everybody wants a watch that will serve for long. Rubber watches in our collection don’t absorb any water, and this ensures the value of your money.



The duration of a timepiece is dependent on the care and attention you give your watch. However, some materials are generally weak, and they do not last for long. That’s not the case with a rubber. It can resist external forces that result in damage, keeping it safe.

Note that failure to keep your watch safe is not a guarantee that it will last for long. Every watch is delicate, and caring is not an option. There are multiple ways to maintain a watch, and you need to consider them.


These watches easily resist the UVA radiation

Sun radiations affect your watches. You must be aware that some sunrays effect the human skin, but you’ve not yet concentrated on knowing the effect on your timepiece. The long wave Ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation destroys most watch straps completely.

Synthetic rubber has chemical elements that allow it to resist the dangerous sun rays. Even when out there and the sun rays are overwhelming, you don’t have to worry. These are ideal choices for those working in extreme environment.



If you’ve been a victim of an allergic reaction after wearing a watch, you’ll agree with me that it is a nasty affair. There has been instances where some people experience an allergic response on the skin surface when they wear a certain watch.

This happens because a particular material act as an allergen on your skin, and the mast cells reacts through inflammation. Experts say that such instances are due to poor quality materials, especially those that have not undergone testing and quality assurance. Rubber is non-allergenic and safe.


Cleaning rubber is easy

Among the watch maintenance practices is cleaning it once in a while. For fear of causing harm to your timepiece, some people prefer to seek attention of a watch technician to do the cleaning. In some cases, it is worth it. However, if you own a rubber watch, you can clean it yourself.

To clean the rubber band wristwatches, you need to use soapy water and scrub with a clean toothbrush. Do it gently to avoid causing more harm. The entire process is easy, and it will not take you long before the watch is clean and dry. Besides, you can choose to wipe with a moist cloth when the dirt is minimal.



Watch trends are changing first, and watch enthusiasts no longer like heavy watches. Both men and women will value watches that are lightweight. Nobody wants a timepiece that feels like a burden on their wrist. The overall weight of a watch is dependent on the size and materials used.

If a watch has rubber straps, it will be very light unlike the watch of the same size that contains both the stainless steel case and bracelet. In case you want a lightweight timepiece, then choose those with rubber, and you will love to wear your watch every day.



It feels good when you wear a wristwatch that fits your particular style. Your style defines who you are, and making the wrong choice of a watch will be a wrong move. The majority of the rubber wristwatches for men are stylish, and you’ll never go wrong with any of them.

With these timepieces, you don’t worry about what to match with because of the versatile nature. That’s an advantage, especially if you are that person who finds it hard to match your attire and jewelry with a watch.


Low cost and cheap to replace when damaged

Rubber wristwatches for men in the Megalith store will cost you under $70. That is clear enough that you don’t have to break the bank to own one. Besides, the features are the same as watches that cost way beyond your budget.

It can be worrying if you have to replace a watch strap that you are sure you will spend a lot of money on. That’s not the case with rubber wristwatches for men. You can always change the straps or seek assistance from a professional watchmaker for help when a need arise.


Rubber Band Wristwatches for Men under $70

Megalith store has multiple rubber band wristwatches for men you can choose. With a friendly budget, under $70, you will get yourself a high-end timepiece with excellent features.


MEGALITH Quartz Men Watch 8049M

Rubber Men Watches Collection 

MEGALITH Quartz Men Watch 8049M is an excellent timepiece with a blue and red rubber strap. This gives it a cool look you will love to try. A close look at it, you'll notice the black dial and quartz chronograph. If you value glittering items, this 45mm analog timepiece that is water resistance at 3atm is all that you need. It will cost you only $59.99.


MEGALITH Watch 8067M

Rubber Men Watches Collection 

MEGALITH Watch 8067M is a purely black rubber strapped 45mm big face watch that fits perfectly on your wrist. Its round face, flat sapphire crystal, and glittering appearance cannot go unnoticed. In this timepiece, you will realize that the display is analog and digital. With only $59.99, you will comfortably own this watch.


MEGALITH 8041M Mechanical Men Watch

Rubber Men Watches Collection

MEGALITH 8041M is a 50mm grey rubber strap watch you need to include in your purchase list. The first thing you notice about this watch is the impressive appearance, not forgetting the automatic self-wind movement. The two options, grey and black color with some gold gives you a chance to select what you feel satisfied with. Either choice guarantees comfort and water resistance of up to 3atm. It sells at $72.99 only.


Wrap Up on Rubber Band Wristwatches

It feels good to own a nice watch. Choosing any of the wristwatches above and others in our collection guarantees you maximum comfort and satisfaction at a price within your budget. You don’t have to be left out with the current watch trends. Own a rubber band wristwatches today, and enjoy all that comes along with it. Happy purchase, everyone!