Quartz watches, also called quartz vibration electronic watches, are one of the types of watches. The use of quartz crystals in watches is a modern invention. The world's first quartz watch was made in July 1967 in Switzerland. In 1969, Seiko Seiko of Japan, with leading global technology, launched the world's first quartz watch for mass production, named "Quartz Astron".

The Quartz Watches


Types of quartz watches:

Quartz watches can be divided into digital quartz electronic watches, analog quartz watches, automatic quartz watches and light kinetic energy watches.

Digital quartz electronic watch
A watch that combines the piezoelectric effect of a quartz crystal and a bipolar liquid crystal display, its function is completely completed by electronic components.

Analog quartz watch
The energy source of the quartz watch comes from the silver oxide button battery. After the silver oxide button battery provides a specific voltage to the integrated circuit, the oscillator circuit and the quartz resonator are used to vibrate the quartz oscillator to form an oscillator circuit source. Form alternately changing two-way pulse signals, thereby driving the stepper motor to rotate intermittently! Further drive the transmission gear train, so that the hands can accurately display the time.

Automatic quartz watch
Combines the advantages of automatic mechanical watches and quartz watches. It does not require batteries, and the wearer can choose to wind it manually or automatically recharge. Its operating principle is to use the dancing of the arm to drive the pendulum in the watch to rotate and generate energy to drive the internal micro-motor into energy, so as to provide sufficient power for the quartz device in the watch, and the excess power will be stored by the micro-capacitor for backup .

Eco-Drive Watch
The solar chip converts light energy into electrical energy, and stores the electrical energy in a recyclable titanium lithium ion rechargeable battery. The electrical energy from the battery generates a pulse signal to the coil through the integrated circuit, and generates a magnetic force to drive the stepping motor to promote The gear rotates and drives the pointer to indicate the time. After being fully charged, it can run for about 40-180 days in the dark, the time is accurate, and the life of the rechargeable battery can reach 10 years.

The Quartz Watches

The advantages of quartz watches:

1.The time and second hand of a quartz watch is one frame and one jump, and the time is very accurate. Generally, the error is required to be within 15 seconds, and there are three hands and two hands.
2.Integrated circuits are used in the movement, the structure is much simpler than that of the mechanical watch movement, and the assembly is very simple.
3.Convenient to use, no need to wind up when wearing, a battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. However, some quartz watches use lithium batteries, which have a long service life, about 7-8 years.
4.Quartz watches are cheaper than mechanical watches.

The Quartz Watches

The disadvantages of quartz watches:

1. Generally, the life of quartz batteries is only one or two years, and they often need to be replaced.
2. For watches that use quartz oscillations, the quartz oscillations will decline after five to eight years of use, and the relative accuracy will decrease. At this time, they need to be replaced.

The Quartz Watches

What should we do if the quartz watch gets water?

● Wrap the watch tightly with several layers of toilet paper or a moisture-absorbing flannel quartz watch, and bake for about 30 minutes at a distance of 15 cm from a 40-watt light bulb. Never put the watch glass directly close to the baking to avoid thermal deformation;
● Put the watch mirror and the bottom case outwards and wear them on your wrist. The moisture will be eliminated after two days;
● Put the desiccant (when buying sports shoes or some foods, there is a desiccant in the box) and the watch with water in the same container, and then seal it, a few hours later, the water in the watch will disappear
● If the water ingress is serious, it is best to send it to the watch shop for repair and disposal immediately.


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