In 1955, Switzerland successfully developed the first digital watch with hairspring. Since then, the watch industry has entered the digital age, breaking the stable pattern of mechanical watches that have been around for 200 years. It freed the watch from the purely broken category of "precision machinery", which caused rapid and profound changes in the watch industry. In the short period of more than 20 years, it has developed to the fourth generation, and the output has been soaring.

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Structure design of Digital Watches:

Quartz quartz digital watches

Quartz Digital Watches, also known as third-generation digital watches, use a quartz resonator as a time reference and pointers to display time, and are also called analog digital watches. The daily error accuracy of quartz digital watches can be controlled within ±0.2 seconds, and the annual cumulative error does not exceed ±12-60 seconds. The indispensable conditions for the development of the third generation of quartz analog digital watches are: a precise and stable quartz oscillator, a high-performance integrated circuit (IC) and an electro-mechanical converter (stepping motor) and a small one that can provide stable discharge Characteristic high-energy battery.

Note: If the IC board walks normally for a long time, the contact points will accumulate dirt or get damp, so it should be the same as the mechanical watch. It should be washed and maintained once every two or three years. It is best to remove the battery when it is not worn for a long time to avoid battery liquid If it flows out and corrodes the board, and the climate in some areas is humid, it is more suitable to use Japanese batteries.

digital watches

Solar digital watches

Solar cells are made of silicon wafers with extremely high purity. The silicon wafers are specially treated to form two extremely thin layers. When sunlight or light shines on the surface of the silicon wafers, the light energy can be converted into photocurrent and Light voltage. Electric current flows from the high-voltage solar cell to the low-voltage watch battery to be charged. In order to prevent the voltage flowing into the watch from the solar battery being too high, there are diodes and resistors inside to act as a buffer to protect the watch battery and life.

Note: Periodic inspection is of course inevitable. In addition, please note that plastic or bamboo tweezers must be used when replacing the battery. Metal tweezers are likely to cause short circuits.

digital watches

Automatic quartz digital watches

It is a combination of an automatic watch and a quartz watch. Its power source comes from the swing of the wearer's arm driving the automatic disc in the watch to rotate. The kinetic energy generated drives the built-in micro generator motor into energy, which is the quartz device in the watch. Provide sufficient power, and the excess power will be stored by miniature capacitors.

Note: Regular maintenance is required, and avoid placing the watch in a magnetic place.

digital watches


8 taboos when using digital watchesedit:

1.Digital watches should be moisture-proof

Digital watches have poor airtightness, so special attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof. Because the digital watch is damp, it is easy to reduce its insulation performance, cause leakage, short circuit and other faults, and even make the components in the watch rust.

2.Digital watches should be protected from the sun

The liquid crystal display of an digital watch can generally be used for about seven years. If the liquid crystal display function is often exposed to the sun, it will deteriorate and accelerate aging, thereby shortening its service life.

3.Digital watch should avoid being high temperature

In a high temperature environment, the characteristics of the integrated circuit inside the digital watch will change, which will directly affect the operating accuracy of the watch.

4.Digital watch should avoid being shaken

Because the lead wires of the integrated circuit in the digital watch are extremely thin, if it is subjected to strong shock vibration such as a drop, it is easy to damage the internal quartz oscillator or break the lead of the integrated circuit, or even change the relative position of the parts and stop working.

5.Digital watches should be protected from magnetic fields

Magnetic fields will magnetize the internal parts of digital watches, so care should be taken to avoid placing digital watches next to magnetic objects such as radios and televisions or electrical equipment.

6.Digital watches should avoid being exposed to X-ray

The radiation effect of X-ray rays can damage the integrated circuit chip in the watch, or cause interference such as static electricity in the digital watch, which affects its normal function.

7.Digital watches should avoid frequent use of light bulbs

When the digital watch is running, its working current is 3~4 microamps. It uses a small-current discharge silver oxide button battery. The power consumption of the light bulb is 1.5 mA at a time, and the power consumed in one second can be used for the watch. Run for a few hours.

8.Digital watches should avoid places with mothballs

Camphor can cause reactions to the internal parts of the digital watch.


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