There are many types of watches, such as mechanical watches, quartz watches, solar watches, etc.Today I mainly talk about mechanical movement watches.

The watches of mechanical

Types of mechanical watches:

Mechanical watches are usually divided into two types: hand-winding and self-winding watches. The power source of a mechanical watch is powered by the mainspring in the movement, which drives the gears to push the hands.

For hand-winding a watch, by turning the crown of the watch, the mainspring in the watch movement is fully wound, after the mainspring is fully discharged, the gears are driven to run, and the hands are pushed to move the time.

For self-winding watch, the power of its movement is driven by the weight of the oscillating weight in the movement. When the arm wearing the watch swings, it will drive the oscillating weight to rotate, and at the same time drive the mainspring in the watch to wind the watch and push it away.

The watches of mechanical

The advantages of mechanical watches:

1.No need for batteries: The power of the mechanical watch is completely manually provided, so you don't need to go to the merchant to replace the battery regularly.

2.The hands work smoother: For many people, what they appreciate is the roundness of mechanical watches, unlike quartz watches that are always accompanied by the sound of obvious hands moving.

3.Craftsmanship: As the most traditional form of watches, the craftsmanship of mechanical watch workers is commendable. Inside the case are very small gears and springs, but we can't see them. I believe that if you open the case and see that the extremely delicate and tiny parts inside work together naturally and smoothly with each other, this can greatly cure patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, because the coordination between them can be said to be perfect. Therefore, if you are a craft enthusiast, or someone who has feelings for traditional skills, a mechanical watch will be your best choice.

4.Interaction: Because mechanical watches need artificial power to keep them in working condition, just like raising a child, you need to take care of it regularly, and your regular care can keep the mechanical watch "alive". Over time, a mechanical watch can give people a sense of companionship, not just a cold dead thing.

The watches of mechanical

The disadvantages of mechanical watches:

1.Manual: Although you can choose many mechanical watches to keep the clockwork for two or three days, in order to avoid the trouble of stopping the hands, it is recommended to wind it regularly every day. So some people get fun from it, some people find it troublesome. If you are a careless person, mechanical watches may be a trouble for you.

2.Sensitive to the environment: Because the work of a mechanical watch relies on a lot of small parts to work together to ensure the normal operation of the pointer, so the accuracy requirements are particularly high. Some humid environment, dust or strong magnetic field will affect the accuracy of the parts inside. Although most of the better mechanical watches are designed to withstand the above within a certain range at the beginning of the design, you still need to be careful. Therefore, if you go to some unfavorable environment, or in sports, it is not suitable to wear a mechanical watch.

3.Time accuracy is relatively poor: well-designed mechanical watches can maintain 99.999% accuracy (approximately +/- 1 second per day). As the service life increases, the accuracy will gradually decrease, so at least every five years you need to find a business to adjust the time to ensure accuracy. And as mentioned earlier, environmental factors can easily affect the accuracy of mechanical watches. Therefore, if you are a person who has particularly high requirements for time accuracy, maybe a quartz watch will be more suitable for you.

4.Expensive: Superb movement manufacturing technology is one of the advantages of mechanical watches, but it is also these complicated manufacturing processes that make mechanical watches generally more expensive. Although there are a few better mechanical watches with lower prices, most of them are expensive.

The watches of mechanical

Principles of time adjustment for mechanical watches:

If a mechanical watch is left unused for a long period of time, the spring of the mechanical watch will relax until the watch does not move. The loosest moment will show that the hour and minute hands slow down or become faster. Because of this, it should be fully wound first to prevent the hands from being driven by standard power after the time is calibrated. Even for semi-automatic watches, Manually wind the chain until it is eight minutes full (the clockwork will be broken if it is full), and then time calibration is performed.

The watches of mechanical

Steps for self-cleaning and protection of mechanical watches:

1.Wipe gently with a soft cloth dampened in soapy water
2.Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in clean water
3.Wipe with a dry soft cloth
4.Dry in the air
5.Don't send ultrasonic cleaning

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