Top 10 Best Watch Boxes in 2020

When you own a watch, you want somewhere to place it when you are not wearing it. This is especially important when you have a collection of multiple watches. Your watches are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, and they do not deserve to be thrown on the kitchen counter, or on a table. They deserve to be stored nicely and comfortably.

Watch Boxes

And, if possible, they also deserve to be displayed, so you can appreciate them even when you are not wearing them. And of course, as your collection grows, it gets even more important to keep them gathered in one place, so you can get a good overview of them, but also to avoid misplacing them. This is why every watch owner and watch collector should have a watch box. Regardless if you own 2 or 20 watches.

This article will focus on the best watch boxes.

10 best Watch Boxes:

1. Glenor Co Watch Box for Men

Watch Boxes

The Glenor Co Watch Box for Men is a great box to start the list for a few reasons. It has 12 slots to store plenty of watches, so beginner collectors don’t have to run out of space any time soon. It also has a clear glass lid to view your watches from above without having to open the case. Choose which one you want, grab the watch, and seal it up to protect the rest.

The exterior dimensions of this box are 14.25 inches x 8.5 inches x 3.5 inches, making it ideal for storing almost anywhere. Unlike the vast majority of other watch boxes on the market, this one has plenty of room for large watches as well as small watches. Each individual compartment is 2 inches x 3.5 inches in total.

You’ll immediately notice the textured surface of this watch box. It’s tough enough to handle drops without ruining your watches, but the texture is a great way to grip the material below it. The entire box maintains a low-profile appearance, adding to the classy edge that it has upon initial handling and viewing.

+ Comes with a clear glass lid
+ Durable, gripped construction
+ Wide dimensions for watches of all sizes

Why I Like It – I like this watch box because it’s not too flashy, but it looks just about as classic as we could ask for.

2. Sodynee WBPU12-03 Watch Display Box Organizer

Watch Boxes

Next up on the list is the Sodynee Watch Display Box Organizer. This fine watch box comes with 12 slots with soft inserts to preserve all of your timepieces. It’s perfect for nylon, leather, and stainless steel watches since the surface won’t scuff up any material.
The front buckle on this box locks in place with a key to secure your watches, even if it falls off the shelf. Two straps hold it in place to allow you to look at your watches without it closing on itself. Since it doesn’t use hinges, it’s very lightweight.

Black PU leather is the primary material used in the construction of this watch box. It’s comfortable to handle and it deals with most temperatures without rippling or drying out. You can take out each insert to wrap your watch around it and place it right back for a simple storage solution.

+ Made out of black PU leather
+ Comes with a see-through glass lid
+ Includes a lock and key

Why I Like It – I like this luxury watch box because it’s stylish, long-lasting, and it comes with a security lock and key.

3. SONGMICS Watch Box

Watch Boxes

The SONGMICS Watch Box takes the organization to the next level. It comes with 12 watch slots with removable inserts to wrap and store each watch in its own compartment. There’s also a second-tier that slides out from underneath to place your other jewelry. In total, you’ll have 12 watch slots, 1 ring case, 2 earring cards, and 5 additional areas for other accessories.

The bottom drawer has a small knob to pull out whenever you need to access the jewelry. The glass lid does a wonderful job of preserving your watches and protecting them from dust, spills, and other damage. Faux leather adds to the classic appeal.

If you decide to go with this watch box, you’ll be able to choose between either black or brown faux leather. The white and cream-colored stitching makes for a nice contrast that’s very aesthetically pleasing as well.

+ Comes with compartments for all of your jewelry
+ Choose between brown or black
+ Protects your watches from dust

Why I Like It – I like this storage organizer because it looks and feels luxurious without having an outrageous price tag.

4. Glenor Co Watch Box with Valet Drawer for Men

Watch Boxes

Did you like the look and feel of the box at number one on our list? If so, the Glenor Co Watch Box with Valet Drawer for Men is another great option to check out. It’s very similar to the previous Glenor Co box, but it has a drawer underneath for additional watch accessories and jewelry storage.

This valet box has a see-through glass lid. The ability to see your watches without removing the lid is a key feature for many people. Protect it from dust and easy wipe it down to clean the lid with regular glass cleaner.

One of the main selling points for Glenor Co is the one-hand opening mechanism. You don’t need to use both of your hands to close it, so you can slide on your sunglasses, a ring, or your watch while closing the lid with the other hand.

+ Comes with a valet drawer underneath
+ Open and close the lid with one hand
+ Includes 12 storage slots for your watches

Why I Like It – I like this box because you can view your luxury watches through the glass top without lifting the lid. The valet drawer is an invaluable bonus as well.

5. NEX 6 Slot Leather Watch Box

Watch Boxes

If you don’t want such a big storage container for your watches, then give the NEX 6-Slot Leather Watch Box a try. This compact black artificial leather case holds only 6 watches, making it an ideal solution for people who travel often. It’s also nice because it doesn’t take up too much space in a closet or drawer.

You can view your watches through the glass top and prop it up with the two straps. It doesn’t use any hinges, meaning it weighs less than others and you don’t have to repair or treat the metal. You can also lock it in place when you’re done using it.

Since it’s made out of artificial leather, this watch box is waterproof. Don’t worry about spills, scratches, or rips along the seams thanks to the detailed construction. Each box is inspected to ensure the high-quality expectations of the company.

+ Compact design for small watch collections
+ Perfect solution for traveling with watches
+ Waterproof artificial leather exterior

Why I Like It – I like this leather watch box because it’s the best option for people who don’t want a massive container. Take it with you wherever you go without overloading your luggage.

6. JS NOVA JUNS Watch Box

Watch Boxes

The JS NOVA JUNS Watch Box compact at only 11.81 inches x 7.87 inches x 5.11 inches and it still has the convenient valet drawer section for other accessories. Store your watch bands, rings, watch cufflinks, and more right below.

It’s a jewelry box that doubles as a watch holder. What’s better than that? You can store your smartwatches around the suede inserts and protect your bands in the individual slots in the hidden drawer. It also comes with a clear glass lid for viewing purposes.

+ Comes with a hidden valet drawer
+ Compact size with 12 watch slots

Why I Like It – I like this watch display storage case because it’s smaller than others with the same capacity for twelve watches.

7. Readaeer Glass Top 10 Watch Black Leather Box

Watch Boxes

The Readaeer Glass Top 10 Watch Black Leather Box is a fantastic choice for beginner watch collectors who want to upgrade their current container. It has spaces for 10 different watches of all sizes. Each insert can be removed, revealing a suede cutout to wrap your watch’s strap around. This will hold the shape much longer than some other competitors.

The black PU leather that this watch organizer is made out of can deal with splashes, spills, and so on without showing any rippling or anything else. It’s made with a glass top so that you can view your watches prior to opening the lid.

One of the main features that separate this watch box from the rest is the clasp. It holds the lid closed until you flip it open, but you can lock it back down immediately. This was a huge feature in our eyes because many of the other boxes on the market is close, but they don’t lock in place.

+ Comes with a closing clasp
+ Made out of water-resistant PU leather
+ Space for 10 watches

Why I Like It – I like this watch organizer because it can be taken anywhere with you. The middle-ground of 10 slots is great for people who have more than 6 watches but don’t need 12 slots.

8. BEWISHOME Watch Box Organizer

Watch Boxes

The BEWISHOME Watch Box Organizer is a durable box that comes with a hidden valet drawer for other jewelry and watches accessories. Store your unused watch straps, sunglasses, rings, and other items below. This bottom drawer is secured by a small silver knob for easy opening and closing.

If you choose to go with this watch box, you can pick from Carbon Fiber, Brown, or Black. Each color can have their inserts removed for each watch as well as the inserts from the aforementioned valet drawer.

This storage organizer can hold up to 12 watches at a time, which is far more than enough for most collectors. If you want to buy more watches than the top portion can hold, you can replace to bottom inserts with more suede watch holders.

+ Comes with 12 suede inserts for watches
+ Purchase this watch box in one of three colors
+ Locks in place with a silver clasp

Why I Like It – I like this watch organizer because it has sturdy metal hinges, several slots for watches and other jewelry, and it allows you to pick out your favorite color pattern.

9. Mantello 12-Watch Display Box

Watch Boxes

If you want a simple carbon fiber design for your watch organizer, then the product here at number 9 is going to be your new go-to selection. The Mantello 12-Watch Display has an incredibly wide glass display with a small bezel to remove any distractions. You’ll be able to see all of your watches, even those that are tucked into a corner.

Each one of the 12 removable compartments is 2 inches wide, which is more than enough for any watch on the current market. Since they’re boxed out, you won’t have any of your watches bumping around, even when you’re carrying the organizer from place to place.

The Mantello Display Box has a metal clasp that locks it into place. Even if you knock your watch box off the shelf on accident, it won’t open up or spill your watches out.

+ Extra-wide glass top
+ Comes with 12 soft inserts for your watches
+ Tough metal clasp to lock the box in place

Why I Like It – I like this box because each slot is wide, the small bezel gives great visibility, and it has strong metal hinges in place.

10. SRIWATANA Watch Box Case Organizer Display

Watch Boxes

Last but definitely not least on the list is the SRIWATANA Watch Box Case Organizer Display. This box is made almost entirely out of wood, which alone makes it a major standout among the rest of our list as well as the entire market. The interior is lined with linen that protects your watches without scratching them up.

Depending on how many watches you have, there are three sizes to choose from. These sizes include 6 slots, 8 slots, and 21 slots. For those who have a massive assortment of watches, the 21-slot watch organizer is hard to come by. However, it’s always nice to find a small 6-slot watch box for mini collections.

I also liked the brass lock on the front of the box. It locks your watches to secure them from bumping around or falling out if you drop the container. There are also two brass hatches on the back to prop up the lid when it’s open. Finally, it comes with the same glass lid as every other product on the list. After all, being able to see all of your accessories without exposing them to dust is a priceless feature.

+ Made out of wood
+ Comes with a brass lock and two brass hinges
+ Choose from three different sizes

Why I Like It – I like this wooden watch box because it’s stylish, unique, and you can choose any size that suits your collection.

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