Hello everyone, this is a megalith watch, today I'm talking about a watch designed in a niche style, the model number of the watch is 8395M.


The case of 8395M watch

The appearance design is unique and individual. It adopts the existing 60-scale diving watch case design, and the scale lines are clear and distinct. The 3-digit and 9-digit positions of the case are symmetrically raised, and the pillow-shaped case is dynamic and smooth; the upper and lower gear rings of the chronograph ring are made of oblique triangular sand, the teeth are polished and polished, and the shell surface and the oblique side are frosted, which involves a lot of interspersed grinding processes. 


The hand needles of 8395M watch

In the style of the hands, the hour, minute and second hands are designed in a sharp sword-shaped style; plus strong luminous (green light).


The dial of 8395M watch

The oil pressure fine fire pattern of the dial is used as the base, and the edge of the dial is black, and the middle (blue or gray) radiates a gradient color to the surrounding. The main mark logo at 12 o’clock is our pentagon-shaped metal stud logo. The 12 o’clock and 3 and 9 o’clock arrow hour markers echo the needle sword-shaped style. The calendar window opens at 6 o’clock, making the watch overall symmetrical.


The Strap of 8395M watch

The choice of strap should match the dial style as much as possible. This is a 10ATM waterproof swimming watch, the material of the strap should not be too sensitive to water, so we choose the same metal strap as the case, the color is the same as the case, and we have designed three colors of silver, black and gold.