The search and longing for the unknown world is the nature of human beings. The ocean occupies about 71% of the earth’s surface area. As early as prehistoric humans have explored the ocean, traveled and fished on the sea, and today, only 5% of the seabed has been explored by humans. The culture of the ocean and the continent Culture together constitutes today's human civilization. Who has never longed for the vast expanse of the sea? Today, the watch house brings you a water-resistant watch with an "anchor" hour hand design, model: MEGALITH 8398m.

The style of Megalith 8398 waterproof watch combines retro charm and modern design, the "anchor" hour hand design is unique, making the reading of the time clear at a glance.


Megalith 8398 waterproof watch and its dail

The watch is made of steel, with a black bezel on the surface, and the white 60-minute scale is also low-key. The 42mm black dial has a white time scale, the dial is inlaid with square hour markers, and the design of the hands is very special. It is an anchor-shaped hour hand, which increases the area and makes the watch's luminous more conspicuous. The date display window Located at the three o'clock position.

Megalith 8098 waterproof watch and its anchor

Megalith 8398 waterproof watch and its crown

Its unique large crown is paired with two lightweight shoulder guards, which have a good 100-meter water resistance, which is absolutely sufficient. The stainless steel screw-in bezel enhances the waterproof performance of this watch. The top of the crown is printed with a Megalith brand logo, and two lightweight shoulder guards can prevent accidental rotation or damage to the crown during exercise.

Megalith 8098 waterproof watch and its anchor


Megalith 8398 waterproof watch and its strap

The metal strap is frosted and polished, with a restrained luster, a fine texture, and a hard but not sharp texture.The arc of the lugs is round and smooth, which fits the wrist.

Megalith 8098 waterproof watch and its anchor


Megalith 8398 waterproof watch and Tudor PELAGOS series diving watch

Seeing this watch, do you think of the Tudor Pelagos series. The Tudor Pelago watch is an advanced diving sports watch tailored for swimmers, divers and marine conservationists. It is water-resistant to 500 meters, but for us In general, 500 meters does not seem to be used, and the one that suits us is the best.

Megalith 8098 waterproof watch and its anchor

So what is suitable for us is good, without spending a lot of money to buy such expensive and impractical things. Megalith 8398 waterproof watch is recommended.